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PointClickCare Completes Acquisition of Audacious Inquiry

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Opportunity is Knocking

The healthcare industry is on the verge of an information breakthrough. Patient data and insights are more accessible than ever, bringing an end to compromised health and unnecessary risk resulting from a lack of coordination across providers and place.

It’s time for better collaboration, communication, and coordination across the healthcare network.

Let’s dive into the deep end of the four most important areas of your business that can be impacted by the right technology

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Transitions of Care

Integrated care coordination isn’t a dream. It can become your reality when patient data is accessible and actionable. Break down data silos across community-based healthcare and get a complete picture of your patient. It’s time to rest easier knowing your patient journeys are smooth and safe.

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Better Outcomes

Connecting care teams with the right data is a game changer. Relationships between acute and post-acute partners strengthen, care outcomes improve, case management is scalable, and operating in a high-performance preferred partner network becomes second nature.

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Financial Health

Simply put, without the right data you can’t be accurately reimbursed for the quality care you provide. Connect your care delivery and billing teams with healthcare’s most advanced cloud-based software to shorten your revenue cycle, close business months faster than ever, and improve your bottom line.

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Fostering Innovation

Technology is transforming the future of healthcare and we are leading the charge. We’re doubling down on innovation, and investing in brave new ideas to improve care for our most vulnerable – and the healthcare ecosystem that serves them. Join us. Become a change-maker and help solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

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