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ohca conference 2017 event header image. Visit us at booth 618

Connecting and Collaborating at OHCA

Kicking off the first week of May, members of the PointClickCare team will attending the Long-Term Care Convention & Expo, hosted by the Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA), in Columbus, Ohio. Starting today and going until May 4th, we’ll be connecting with professionals in the senior care industry to discuss achieving a more connected and collaborative approach across the care continuum.

The conference provides attendees with steps to overcome a variety of challenges faced by businesses operating in the industry. One of the hurdles that care providers are looking to overcome is the risk of hospital readmission. In order to reduce re-hospitalizations, it’s essential to have a process in place that enables providers to quickly identify changes in health status. The earlier providers are alerted, the earlier they can intervene and begin administering the appropriate care before hospitalization is required.

However, for staff to deliver preventative care at the time that it’s needed, providers will need a single platform to capture and monitor a resident’s health status. At this year’s OHCA, we’ll be showcasing our latest solutions designed to help support providers in achieving more connected and collaborative care.

Having a single, integrated platform to help manage care more efficiently across an organization is invaluable to delivering the highest level of care for all residents. Staff can quickly and easily capture, manage, and report on a resident’s health in real-time, allowing for faster and more informed decision-making throughout the care team.

The platform also enables providers to access important health information, regardless of care setting. And those same insights can be shared with the resident’s family, as well as other healthcare partners, helping improve collaboration and – ultimately – enable a patient-centered approach to care at all times.

Over the duration of the OHCA conference, PointClickCare will be speaking with care providers about how they can better reduce the risk of re-admission by leveraging the right tools, including our Skin and Wound and Document Manager solutions.

For more information, or to see our solutions first-hand, visit us at booth 618.

May 1, 2017