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Is Your Culture Making or Breaking Your Employee Engagement Efforts?

It’s no secret that your organization has its own unique culture. Your culture is characterized by the integrated pattern of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors within your organization. Culture influences how employees talk about their jobs and work environment, and impacts how they feel about your organization.

But how is organizational culture created? One of two ways: Either spontaneously without conscious consideration, or by deliberate and intentional planning and action. And why is it so important? Because organizational culture directly influences the behavior of every employee under your roof. Want more engaged, committed employees? Focus on your culture.

To do this, start by looking at the attributes that define your culture. They can be positive or negative, participatory or autocratic, collaborative or competitive. What matters most is how the attributes of your organization make your employees feel, because engagement is about their emotional connection to your organization.

We have identified five questions to ask yourself to determine whether your organization’s cultural attributes support a high level of employee engagement. Can you answer ‘yes’ to each of the following questions?

1. Clear sense of purpose
Do employees have a clear line of sight to what matters most in the organization?

2. People-focused managers
Do managers consistently coach, develop and demonstrate care for employees?

3. Active employee voice
Are employees given an active voice and encouraged to share ideas and express concerns?

4. Meaningful connectedness
Does your facility support a sense of belonging and encourage collaboration?

5. Visible integrity
Are organizational values reflected in every day behavior?

If you answered yes, that means your organization is on its way to creating a vibrant and motivating environment for employees. If you answered no, all hope is not lost! Begin your journey today by learning more about each of the culture attributes that support a high level of engagement. Begin to implement the small changes that cultivate a positive culture. It isn’t something that will happen overnight, and it will take teamwork. Your efforts will be well worth it.

April 19, 2017