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Celebrating 20 Years of PointClickCare!

We are unbelievably excited to celebrate PointClickCare’s 20th anniversary with all of our customers, employees, and everyone else who has helped us to reach this incredible milestone.

20 years ago, PointClickCare looked a lot different. Starting with only a handful of employees and a dream of advancing the senior care industry, our founder and CEO Mike Wessinger, along with his brother and President of PointClickCare, Dave Wessinger, embarked on a journey that would go on to change the lives of millions.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we reached out to some of our PointClickCare employees, old and new, to hear how they think PointClickCare has changed over the last 20 years, and what is in store for us in the future.

Andy Brigant, VP &GM, Pharmacy, Celebrating 20 years with PointClickCare

“We were a scrappy little start-up company way back in 2000. With fewer than 20 employees, people needed to be very flexible and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. Fast forward to today when we’re 1500+ employees, all from vastly different backgrounds, a very large percentage of us working remotely. Over the years we’ve added so many strong leaders from other organizations that have brought with them approaches and perspectives from their past experiences. I think this is what leads to the important discussions about how we can continue to improve and get better. That dialogue and pursuit of change and improvement is constant, and it needs to be. Every department is working to be world class and find those North Stars that can help to inspire and guide them, and determine how they can be best adapted to serve our market and our company. It’s great to see the company grow up and mature, while still retaining a lot of that spirit and drive that made us successful in the beginning. The next 20 years should be really exciting at PointClickCare. Technology, data insights and real time quality measures, prescriptive approaches to best practice, and payment & incentive reform will all contribute to making healthcare work better for elderly populations. While this means that the game plan needs to change for PointClickCare, we’re also really well positioned to play a meaningful role in those changes.”

Nicole Schneider, Manager, Professional Services, Celebrating 5 years with PointClickCare

“I chose PointClickCare because of their reputation of how they treat their employees. Over the past 5 years, I have stayed because of the culture of the organization and because my leadership team empowers me to grow with the company and make change. I’ve been able to impact the way we do business and it feels great! As Vinh Giang said, “You are the direct reflection of the top 5 people you spend time with”. Because of my time at PointClickCare, I’ve been fortunate to meet some of my top 5 that have motivated and encouraged me to always grow as a professional and a person. In the next 20 years, I see PointClickCare changing the World!

Kelsey Drillen, Manager, Product Knowledge, Celebrating 15 years with PointClickCare

“I have been with PointClickCare for 15 years and in that time, we have grown in leaps and bounds, from a solution of products solving specific market problems to a cross continuum software solution helping our customers drive their goals and outcomes. My favourite part of working here has always been the people – by far the people. But also, the culture, the innovation, the collaboration, and the work-life balance. In my opinion, even in our rapid growth, our culture has remained a main priority and I feel we have remained a family. We support each other, push each other to grow, have healthy conflict, and we have continued to lead with empathy. In the next 20 years, I see PointClickCare being considered World Class and not only in the LTPAC space but overall, as a World Class company. A company other companies strive to be like. World Class in product, development, and delivery. A World Class content company, (personalized and targeted). A World Class service company, and a World Class Sales company. Like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon… and we continue to have our World Class culture!”

Cameron Micules, Video Producer, Celebrating 16 years with PointClickCare

“I started with PointClickCare in August of 2004. I was employee #35. My first day was, I would assume, typical for a tech start-up: I didn’t have a computer, I didn’t have a desk, I didn’t have a phone. I spent most of that day sitting in the conference room with the other new hires while someone scrambled to find extra laptops for us. Those first few years were both insanely busy and incredibly fun. It’s been amazing to be a part of this family for so many years, and to watch and help it grow to where we are today: the undisputed market leading innovator with almost 2,000 employees. And I say family because that’s what it’s been like for me. Of those first 50 people, I think more than half of them still work at PointClickCare. That speaks to the culture that was envisioned and strengthened over the years: be good people and do good work. As for the future of PointClickCare? With the trajectory we have been on for the last 20 years, I don’t see any slowing down. The direction we’re taking – to be a centralized hub for senior health data– is going to become even more important and increasingly valuable. I can see us developing “aware” products that feed information constantly into our platform. And how that platform, with increasing intelligence behind it, will integrate with other platforms to predict and identify trends faster than any human could. A platform that doesn’t just keep people informed and proactive, but one that allows every interested party the ability to leverage the data we collect and manage to help identify and solve global problems. There’s no limit on what we can do with what we’ve already built, are currently building, or have thought of building. It’s exciting to see how much we’ve grown and changed yet still held true to those core values that we all built this company on. We’re good people doing good work.”

What’s next for PointClickCare?

We are incredibly proud of how far we have come in the last 20 years, and look forward to seeing the organization continue to grow in years to come.  PointClickCare remains committed to breaking down silos and creating a new era of data-enriched collaboration across the care continuum.

For more information on the future of PointClickCare, check out our press release announcing our intent to acquire Collective Medical to create the largest combined acute and post-acute care network in North America.

December 17, 2020