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Melissa Draper headshot for Heart of PointClickCare banner

How PointClickCare Shows We’re in This Together

What makes PointClickCare customers different? Ours aren’t just satisfied customers; they are true proponents of our mission. Our customers are committed to the same things we are, advancing senior care. PointClickCare is grateful to have customers like Melissa Draper, who is not only a full-time Director of Clinical Informatics at Heritage Operations Group, LLC, located in Illinois, but who is also well on her way to achieving her doctorate to further advance her skills and experience. We recently sat down with Melissa to hear about her journey with PointClickCare over the years and why she still loves everything about PointClickCare.  

More than a solution

Melissa has been in healthcare for more than 14 years now and in that time, she has seen her share of tools, solutions, and providers. She has experienced the successes and downfalls of all of them, which is why she believes PointClickCare is special. “I’ve had a lot of success using PointClickCare solutions over the years, and I’ve also had plenty of constructive feedback as well. What makes PointClickCare special is their willingness to really listen to their customers, no matter how big or small. If something isn’t working for you, they want to know about it and they want to implement a solution to make it better. It feels like a more than just a vendor, it’s a partnership.”

She mentions that whenever she has had the chance to meet our team members in person, she is reminded of how effortlessly the mission and vision of the organization filters down throughout the company through each individual. “Last time I was at SUMMIT I was fortunate enough to meet Nick Noel, and he shared with me some incredible insights on the value of the customer and we even stayed in contact on LinkedIn. To me, that just shows how the team at PointClickCare are people just like me, committed to the same mission. Titles don’t seem to be hierarchal; I mean, we refer to the co-founders as Mike and Dave, and I find that to be a personal touch that you don’t get with other organizations. It’s that personable level that they have instilled throughout the organization that says, ‘we’re in this together’.”

Communication is key

Open communication with our customers is one of the ways we continue to evolve our solutions. Melissa mentioned that earlier this year they implemented Nursing Advantage and although they experienced some struggles at first, she told us that it was the way that PointClickCare handled the issues that truly made a difference. “It comes back to that personable level. The team at PointClickCare don’t see you as an account, you are people who are working together. They want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly and they want to work with you. PointClickCare dedicated a lot of time and effort to making the solution work for us and even though we experienced issues at first, I still am a proponent of the product, I believe in what it has to offer and as a nurse and I see the benefits of it bringing your patients to life. It helps you to really understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.”

A knowledge seeker

One of the most interesting things we learned about Melissa during our discussion is how she is currently working towards her PhD focusing on the Philosophy of Human Services. She also mentioned that in her studies, she often uses PointClickCare as an example and has used our materials to contribute to many of her papers. “In a course I am taking right now we are learning about quality management and performance improvement, and one of the examples I brought up in class how PointClickCare solutions allow staff to utilize and vet the assessment.” She also said PointClickCare has played a big role in her studies. “It’s what I know and I just think it is an amazing company so anytime I can promote it as an innovator in the industry, I will.”

Now that her classes are over, Melissa is in the midst of writing her final dissertation on “Telemedicine in the Post-Acute: What the Barriers Are”. She says it was between that and interoperability on the continuum, but she ended up choosing telemedicine since it is more prevalent in care facilities right now. Melissa is hoping to finish her dissertation by this time next year, and we can’t wait until she publishes her work and shares it with the world.

Thanks for sharing, Melissa! We wish you the best of luck in your studies. 

October 29, 2021