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Life @ PointClickCare: Matthew Mains

Introducing, Matthew Mains! As an engineering manager, Matthew works to further the engineering vision of the company, grow his team, and build relationships with other parts of the organization to enhance collaboration across the board. Check out his story below to learn more about how he turned a childhood fascination with computers into a fulfilling career.

A lifelong passion

Matthew always knew he wanted to be an engineer, even from a young age.“As a child I would borrow books from the library about how computers worked, or with programs in the back of them. When I was nine years old, I spent a vacation reading the code of a space adventure game and would try to play it in my head. For my best friend’s 10th birthday, I created a little text-based adventure game just for him.” Later in life, his passions led to a formal education in software engineering, and he received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at University of Waterloo and followed up with a Master of Management Science at Waterloo focusing on engineering innovation.

Joining PointClickCare

When Matthew joined PointClickCare, he was looking for a company that was dedicated to making the world a better place. “I am a big believer in using software engineering to solve problems and make people’s lives better and PointClickCare fit those criteria nicely. I also spent a lot of time visiting my grandmother in a care facility and could see how our software could help ease the administrative burden on caregivers firsthand, which made it easy for me to relate to the company mission and vision.”

He also mentioned that one of his favourite things about PointClickCare is seeing the culture reflected in the people you work with each day. “I love how connected you feel to people within the organization. Everyone you talk to is enthusiastic about what they do and excited about being here. The people at PointClickCare are very genuine, friendly, and always willing to listen to whatever is on your mind.”

Personally, and professionally fulfilling work

Since joining PointClickCare, Matthew has been able to work on projects that are extremely rewarding, both personally and professionally.Being a part of the Clinical Excellence initiative and working to deliver a solution which we know will help our customers provide better care has been very rewarding to me on a personal level. Professionally, through this initiative I’ve been able to mentor and help the teams transition to developing for the cloud, and it’s rewarding to know that my teams are growing, learning, and having opportunities to push technology boundaries.”

Exciting engineering projects

There are two projects that Matthew was excited to delve into at PointClickCare. “The first was working to build the Service Oriented Platform, which helped enable the rest of the organization to modernize how they develop and deploy software. The second is the Clinical Excellence initiative mentioned previously. “The reason this is so exciting is because the engineering challenge of standardizing content in a flexible, yet meaningful way has been eye opening and thought provoking. Trying to think about what is needed, now and in the future, has opened our eyes to the complexities involved in providing the best possible care. Ultimately, we’re looking to gather and pull together all the disparate pieces of information from multiple caregivers and present a unified view of the residents they’re caring for.”

Advice for new team members

Matthew says that when you join the engineering team at PointClickCare, there’s no limit to what you can do in your time here. “There are a lot of opportunities to learn, grow, and take control of your career here at PointClickCare. All you need to the desire to do so. PointClickCare is a great place to work, full of opportunities for individual growth and development. We’re always looking for new ways to solve problems, and new ideas are always welcomed and encouraged.”

Thanks for sharing, Matthew!

July 20, 2021