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PointClickCare Customer of the Month Jason Dugenio

PointClickCare Customer of the Month: Jason Dugenio

We’re excited to announce PointClickCare’s September Customer of the Month – Jason Dugenio and the Bridgeway Senior Healthcare team!

Jason is the Chief Information Officer at Bridgeway Senior Healthcare located in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Bridgeway Senior Healthcare is a family owned and operated senior living provider with more than 38 years of experience in the New Jersey healthcare community. Jason and the Bridgeway Senior Healthcare team have committed to investing in technology to innovate in the market and get ahead of regulatory changes like PDPM. Jason has experience working with several EHR platforms and was able to share some insight on his organization’s journey to partnering with PointClickCare.

Tell us about you and your role:

I am the Chief Information Officer. With over 18 years of experience in IT in several industries, I oversee all of Information Technology, Digital Presence, and Digital Transformation strategies and initiatives.

What’s the best part about your job? 

The best part of my job is being of service to our employees and to those they provide outstanding healthcare to. My job and how well I do it impacts the quality of lives.

What was one of Bridgeway Senior Healthcare’s biggest challenges before partnering with an EHR Platform?
The biggest challenge was leveraging the EHR to allow us to be our best selves in providing the best care. Before partnering with PointClickCare, I felt that we were underutilizing our EHR; what I feel is the core tool of our organization.

What challenges did Bridgeway Senior Healthcare face using the previous EHR software? 

The previous EHR simply did not evolve at the pace we needed it to. Whether it was feature development, interface development, or partner development; the company simply failed to listen to and act on the feedback of its customers fast enough.

What led you to PointClickCare?

Frustration led me to explore PointClickCare. Features like Data Relay proved to me that they were already thinking ahead in areas of data science. The number of partners and interface capabilities to those partners showed me that PointClickCare understood the value of data exchange in healthcare.

Favorite PointClickCare feature?

Practitioner Engagement App. Giving our physicians the mobile capabilities to do their work in the same manner as online banking or checking social media is a win for me as the CIO.

What has changed for Bridgeway Senior Healthcare since partnering with PointClickCare?

The biggest change has been improved efficiency amongst the staff now that we have the right modules in place, with the correct configurations, and the staff being well-trained in how to use PointClickCare in their respective areas.

What are you most proud of about Bridgeway Senior Healthcare’s accomplishments after partnering with PointClickCare?

I’m most proud of our staff’s improved efficiency in using PointClickCare to provide better care. More specifically, when our Director of Nursing says to me that she has more time now to be on the floor with residents and the nurses simply because of new features like the daily COMS Clinical Care Measures report; it’s validation that we picked the right partner in PointClickCare.

Do you feel that PointClickCare is actively working to improve things for its customers and the LTPAC industry as a whole?   

Contrary to our previous EHR, I truly believe that PointClickCare listens to customer feedback and acts on it. Every PointClickCare Summit I have been to, the leaders at PointClickCare always demonstrate this by reviewing the recent year’s customer feedback, along with industry challenges and changes; then showcasing the developments and partners that answer that.

What’s one tip or piece of advice you’d give to an organization thinking about moving to an EHR platform?

Understand that digital transformation and evolving technologies is and will be a major driver in your organization’s ability to deliver quality care. Understand that your EHR will be at the heart of that. As an entire organization, be open-minded and be diligent in exploring new perspectives and ways to deliver the best care.

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October 1, 2019