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PointClickCare Customer of the Month John Fraser posing for the camera.

PointClickCare Customer of the Month: John Fraser

As we prepare to ring in the New Year, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate December’s Customer of the Month, John Fraser from Recover Health. We’re so excited to feature a Home Health Care agency this month, recognizing the work it takes and how important it is for our loved ones to remain in their homes, especially during the holidays.

Recover Health is an Industry Leader

John is the CIO at Recover Health, focusing his efforts on creating business opportunities and operational efficiency through process improvement, data, and technology solutions. Recover Health is a Medicare-certified home health agency that provides a full range of home health care services with the greatest of care and the utmost compassion. Recover Health has been in business since 2009 and has served more than 11,000 clients in 6 states in 2019.

We sat down with John to gain insight into Recover Health’s 9-year partnership with PointClickCare and how Recover Health leverages technology to achieve it’s mission.

Tell us about Recover Health and your role.

Recover Health’s mission to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives extends to both our clients and employees. This creates a culture frequently discussed but rarely observed in the home health care industry. Throughout Recover Health’s 9-year partnership with PointClickCare, everyone has been excited to see the platform’s transformation.

I started as a consultant in September of 2018 and now as CIO at Recover Health, I’m confident I’ll stay in health care for the remainder of my career. No other industry has given my solutioning and problem solving such humility and meaning.

What’s the best part about your job?

Solving any problem for an employee or client, large or small. One day it can be as simple as showing someone a shortcut in Excel. The next day it can be coordinating a complete revamp of how we train and store processes for everyone in the company to access or creating a data driven program to help improve client’s lives and make referring clients to Recover Health that much more attractive to upstream partners.

We love the phrase “Windshield Time”. Can you tell our readers what you mean by this and how it impacted your business?

Windshield time is a very real problem in the home health care industry. It is the time our employees spend driving from one destination to another. Time spent behind a windshield is non-productive time – a dissatisfier for the employee and the client. Since our philosophy is to serve as many clients as possible regardless of their ability to pay, this also impacts our bottom line. It means less time working with clients and serving those in need. Opportunities to reduce or eliminate windshield time remain a top priority, so we found that video conferencing has saved us $100,000+ in training and travel costs alone in 2019. We’re also excited to see how tele visits in 2020 can help us serve clients virtually. I also wouldn’t be a technologist without mentioning self-driving technologies that Tesla, Google and others continue to refine.

What has Recover Health done to reduce turnover rates in its staff?

Our focus has been on improved onboarding and training processes which also includes operational improvements to PointClickCare. We found success in observing and interviewing a larger percentage of our clinicians in the field and redirecting some nursing resources to focus on completely revamping the onboarding experience. We’ve seen impressive results in 2019 with a 25% YTD reduction of nurse turnover. Recover Health went from industry average to industry leading in less than 1 year!

Recover Health also has PointClickCare to thank for adding product and development resources and implementing hundreds of improvements to the system. Many of these from shadowing our team and listening to several user groups PointClickCare has created.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to an organization thinking about moving to an EHR in the Home Health Care market?

This is true for any new operational platform in any industry – do not underestimate the time it takes to change processes and get people to adhere to them. Train, train, and retrain. Provide written documentation, webinars, videos, and hands-on training. Then, give it to them again. Great nurses are not always great technology users. Do not roll something out until you have a way to measure that it’s being done. Build oversight processes in to ensure what you are training is happening. The old saying “What we measure, we improve” comes to mind.

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December 30, 2019