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PointClickCare's Customer of the Month, Lisa Leatherwood.

PointClickCare Customer of the Month: Lisa Leatherwood

We’re excited to announce PointClickCare’s October Customer of the Month – Lisa Leatherwood and the Silver Bluff Village team! Lisa is the Owner and Administrator at Silver Bluff Village located in Canton, North Carolina. Silver Bluff Village is a third-generation family owned and operated facility, steeped in tradition as it was founded by Lisa’s grandparents in 1962.  

As the oldest running facility in the state of North Carolina, Silver Bluff Village has been able to go fully electronic, recently implementing Document Manager and taking advantage of its scanning features. We sat down with Lisa to learn more about Silver Bluff Village’s journey towards success with tech.

Tell us about you and your role.
I’m the Administrator for Silver Bluff Village. I graduated from nursing school in 1980 and started in critical care, then moved to the Staff Development position in a nursing home in 1986. I started as the Director of Nursing at Silver Bluff Village in 1987 and transitioned to the Administrator role in 2017.

What’s the best part about your job?
Besides the people I work with and care for, the best part of my job is managing data to improve our quality measures and outcomes. We strive to exceed expectations in areas such as hospital readmissions, expected length of stays, and successful discharge to community and I love presenting Silver Bluff Village’s outcome measures to area hospitals and insurance providers.

How does Silver Bluff Village’s decision to partner with PointClickCare align with its mission?
We’re all about innovation and improving care and outcomes. PointClickCare has really helped us to see trends and identify areas for improvement. PointClickCare assists us in our efforts to maintain high quality standards and remain a 5-star facility.

What’s the biggest challenge you faced before going fully electronic?
Trying to maintain two separate systems – a paper chart and an electronic chart – leaves so many opportunities for errors and lost documents and limits full access to all information. Not using an EHR prevents you from easily seeing trending data or forces you to manually calculate data. Now, our staff can access any information literally from anywhere in the world. I don’t have to be in the building to review what is going on in the facility.

How has PointClickCare helped you tackle those challenges?
We still receive a lot of documentation in paper form, but now we have lab and radiology linked directly into PointClickCare and everything else gets scanned into Document Manager. With Document Manager, all the admission paperwork is done electronically in the facility with an iPad or we can send the documents electronically which gets saved in PointClickCare. This makes it really convenient so our staff can immediately see any document at any time.

How much time is saved by using Document Manager?
Document Manager has not only reduced the admission process time by approximately 30%, but the added convenience for the signer and the reduction of missed or lost forms has been invaluable. You can easily see what has been signed or what is outstanding. It provides the ability to look at a form or document without having to go to the business office and dig through a paper file.

What other benefits have you noticed since going paperless?
The survey team loves PointClickCare because we give them remote access to easily move between their electronic system and ours. This speeds up the survey process and since we’re fully electronic, they don’t have to hunt down staff to find documents.

What’s one tip or piece of advice you’d give to an organization thinking about moving to an EHR platform or adding new modules to their core EHR?
I know adding new features in PointClickCare can be expensive but making a commitment to improvement is important. You will not fully realize the benefit of an EHR unless you are “all in”. Adding new PointClickCare modules helps you streamline your processes which will give your staff more time to spend on other aspects of resident care. It also helps you manage your data and outcomes so much better than having to go multiple places to find the information.

Click here to learn more about Document Manager and how it can help improve efficiency and standardization of document across your organization.

October 24, 2019