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Jamie Dlatt, McKnight's Women of Distinction Lifetime Achievement Winner for 2019.

“Women of Distinction” Honoree Goes the Extra Mile for Her Skilled Nursing Residents

We recently wrote about 2019 McKnight’s Women of Distinction Rising Star Erin Donaldson of Life Care Services, and how she promotes diversity and mentoring in the senior living industry. We’re focusing this post on Jamie Dlatt, Vice President of Operations for Legacy Healthcare Services, and one of this year’s McKnight’s Women of Distinction Hall of Honor inductees.

A Family Connection Led to a College Class – and a Realization

Legacy provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, and wellness services in all areas of the post‐acute setting in 12 states and the District of Columbia. For the senior population, the company offers skilled nursing facilities, CCRCs, and free‐standing assisted living and independent living communities. In her role as VP of operations, Jamie chooses to spend most of her time in the Legacy facilities, interacting with the residents and staff, rather than sitting behind a desk. Her interest in helping seniors was developed early in her life and has never waned.

“My grandmother was the youngest child and only girl, with six older brothers, so I was always around elderly people growing up. As a kid, I loved being with my older uncles – I actually preferred the older population to people my own age. I also love taking care of people and doing the right thing for those in need.”

Once Jamie got to school, it didn’t take long for her to realize that her family connections had laid the foundation for her life’s work.

“In freshman year of college, I took a course called ‘Introduction to Gerontology.’ I absolutely loved it, and knew from then on that skilled nursing was where I wanted to spend my career. I even interned at a nursing home on my campus, walking three miles a couple days each week to better understand what nursing homes were all about. Spending time with the residents, I knew this was my calling. I couldn’t wait to graduate so I could go to work!”

A Fulfilling Career…But Not for Everyone

Despite the ups and downs of the senior living industry, Jamie says it’s never lost its appeal to her.

“Knowing all the good we’re doing for older people is very satisfying. I see every day that my employees have compassion and are there to take care of our residents when their families can’t take care of them, or if they can’t care of themselves. There’s nothing better to me than walking through one of our facilities, and just spending time with our residents. Although I recommend nursing care to everyone, it really isn’t right for everyone. It’s definitely a commitment with long hours, but it’s an extremely rewarding career.”

Jamie had one additional piece of advice for working mothers in the senior living field: go with the flow.

“You have to shed the concept of perfection, as it just doesn’t exist! It’s necessary to let it go, in order to create a good work‐life balance. I’m also fortunate to have a very supportive husband and amazing bosses, so I’m able to achieve that balance.”

Caring for Those in Need Resonates with Us

As the exclusive Platinum Sponsor of McKnight’s Women of Distinction program, PointClickCare’s mission echoes Jamie’s feelings about the senior living industry. We are committed to transforming care to make a meaningful impact on the lives of millions. Helping the industry make better decisions for residents and patients drives every aspect of our business.

If you want to learn more about Jamie, check out this McKnight’s article and the video below. And keep an eye on our blog as we feature another member of the 2019 Women of Distinction class in an upcoming post. For now, keep going that extra mile for the people who need you most!

October 25, 2019