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Four Ways We Help Our Customers Connect to 5,000+ Care Collaborators

Caring for people is an incredibly important job — patients or residents and their families put faith and trust in each of their care givers to provide the highest quality of care possible. All of us involved with care delivery — from hands-on medical providers to suppliers of medical equipment and technology — understand the importance of the work we do and the importance of being able to care confidently.

Many patients and residents have complex medical needs that require constant monitoring and assessment, especially when transitioning between a variety of healthcare environments. Long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) providers and other care providers need access to the most up-to-date medical information so that healthcare decisions can be made quickly, allowing for the best possible patient outcomes.

PointClickCare has been a leader in developing technology that easily enables this information transfer, helping to ensure that all care providers have access to the most up-to-date information in real-time. We believe that technology is the key to transforming care to make a meaningful impact on the lives of millions.

PointClickCare is proud to deliver value where it’s needed most, by breaking down silos across the care continuum, enabling meaningful communications and data exchange, and delivering unmatched tools and insights to our customers.

Our constantly-improving technology allows our customers to connect to over 5,000 care collaborators including hospitals, ACOs, pharmacies, labs, and cooperative services vendors. According to CMS data from 2016, skilled providers that shared clinical information with their partner hospitals through PointClickCare received more than seven times the referrals than providers using other software. Hospitals, specialists, and LTPAC facilities will be excited to learn about our latest technology that provides even better solutions for information-sharing among provider organizations.

Confident Decision-Making
PointClickCare has proven itself as a leader in patient information exchange by adapting the way we offer information to care providers. Our cloud-based technology enables meaningful communication and data exchange among care partners in real-time, with unmatched tools and insights to ensure our customers are providing the best possible care. Critical information is available to all who need it, right at their fingertips, allowing for confident decision-making and care plans.

Industry Leadership
No one understands the changing long-term care market and its technology requirements better than we do. Delivering technology to connect so many providers across the LTPAC continuum, enabling patient-centered care, with an emphasis on quality and outcomes for both patients and the providers who care for them, is our goal.

Since 2013, our technology has been chosen by 75% of organizations that made the important decision to implement EHR software to facilitate information-sharing and manage vital patient care. The confidence that customers have in our technology allows them to deliver quality patient care to those who have entrusted them with their well-being.

We have created the PointClickCare Cloud to remove boundaries between care settings, enabling individuals, providers, health systems and payers to confidently connect, communicate, and access patient information, along with providing the business insights and tools needed to achieve the value-driven outcomes required.

Transparency and Trust
Meaningful communication from our organization to yours is just as important as meaningful communication among the partner organizations caring for patients. We firmly believe that trust is one of the most important things that we offer — trust in the technology, trust in the healthcare information provided, and trust in the information that we provide about our business.

PointClickCare is committed to offering all the information that you need — we are proud to share information about our products, our customer service, and the ways in which we will continue to support your organization, your care team, and your patients.

Care Confidently
At PointClickCare, your success is our success. Our success depends on how well we enable you to meet your patient care and business goals, starting with implementation and setup, to providing assistance with adopting different aspects of the technology at your own pace, and without long-term contracts — we are motivated to earn your business every day. Our company philosophy of providing trusted information to help make your business decisions, along with our efforts to eliminating the typical hassle of software ownership and ongoing customer service has led to an unprecedented customer retention rate of over 98%. We are confident in the technology and service we provide, so that you can care confidently.

We would love to share our information with you. Visit our booths at AHCA (booth #1113) and Leading Age (booth #1613) to learn how PointClickCare Cloud can help your organization care confidently.

October 7, 2018