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How PointClickCare is Ensuring Continued Innovation for the Future

As many organizations know, innovation is critical to the success of any business. At PointClickCare, we value our ability to continually innovate for our customers, and for the healthcare care industry as whole. After 20 years of major accomplishments including capital raises, product integrations, partnerships, and acquisitions, PointClickCare has grown to become Canada’s largest private software company serving over 21,000 care providers across North America. But we aren’t done yet.  

As we continue to grow, we pledge to further commit ourselves to continually innovate by internally advancing talent and creativity to foster diversity of thought. Together, we are proactively positioning ourselves to be the change makers we want to see in our industry, always at the forefront of the future of healthcare.  

New leaders, same vision

Today marks the beginning of new chapter for PointClickCare as Co-Founder Mike Wessinger takes on a new role leading PointClickCare’s Board of Directors as Executive Chair. With this change, Co‐Founder Dave Wessinger will take the wheel as CEO and Julieann Esper Rainville, who previously served as Chief Strategy Officer, will succeed Dave Wessinger as President. With this change, we believe we will be able to take the next steps into the future, broadening our views of our own industry, and healthcare as a whole.  

As the former Chief Strategy Officer of PointClickCare, Julieann offers a fresh perspective on the future of PointClickCare, and how we can work together to achieve our goals. As she says, “PointClickCare’s charter of improving healthcare experiences at scale deeply resonated with me from the start. I strongly believe that the company’s vision and portfolio of technology offerings are highly differentiated in the market, giving us a strong advantage as we prepare to expand into a dynamic marketplace. We are relentless in our pursuit to disrupt the status quo and I look forward to drawing on our proven track record in the senior care continuum to help lead an incredible team that is creating meaningful change in healthcare.” 

Looking to the future

Innovation requires many things; creativity, fresh ideas, and the resources to fashion those ideas into a reality. For us, one of the most influential contributors to our innovation has always been our leaders. In the beginning, it was just two brothers with big dreams of helping underserved markets and those who care for them. Over the last 20 years, the vision and mission Mike and Dave created has inspired thousands of likeminded individuals to join their cause.  

As Mike Wessinger says, “I’m incredibly proud to have grown PointClickCare into the organization it is today since co-founding it with my brother over 20 years ago. It’s humbling to have built a company so relentlessly committed to advancing underserved areas of the healthcare ecosystem and to have filled it with people, partners and customers who believe fully in the opportunity that lies ahead. As we maximize the full potential of value-based care, I look forward to partnering with Dave and Julieann on the company’s strategic vision and taking PointClickCare to new heights from this vantage point.” 

Empowering health networks

For many years, PointClickCare has been driven by a desire to disrupt the status quo. As we continue to advance the healthcare ecosystem and maximize the potential of value‐based care across the full care continuum, we want to ensure we remain innovative for the future. The reason for this change is simple, in order to innovate for the future of healthcare there must be diversity of thought at the table. As we approach the future, we encourage our customers and network thought leaders to be the change makers in the industry. The leadership changes announced today shows our commitment to this cause by further positioning PointClickCare for a future where we can fully transform how data and people are empowered to liberate health and maximize the potential of value‐based care across the full care continuum. 

As Dave Wessinger says, At a time of rapid technology innovation and as expectations for better patient experiences are skyrocketing, the company’s market leadership is grounded in its emphasis on data and more efficient information sharing. By combining its industry leading technology with expansive and deep real‐time post‐acute provider data, PointClickCare is empowering health networks faster than any other vendor in the market today, giving healthcare providers the confidence to make truly measurable and meaningful decisions that improve outcomes for all. The leadership changes announced today further position PointClickCare for a future where the company can fully transform how data and people are empowered to liberate health and maximize the potential of value‐based care across the full care continuum.” 

September 1, 2021