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A healthcare working smiling holding a tablet device that they use to access Carequality in the PointClickCare platform

PointClickCare Adopts the Carequality Framework

You may have heard our big announcement at SUMMIT 2019 that we are partnering with Carequality. Now, we are excited to announce that Carequality will be available to all PointClickCare skilled nursing facility customers in the United States beginning fall 2020, as part of their monthly subscription. This move will help improve care transitions and ultimately provide better care for patients.

What is Carequality?

Carequality is a trusted system that allows health care providers across the U.S. to exchange data and health records. Most existing health data sharing networks are centered around geography or a single technology, which limits how data can be shared. Carequality solves this problem by providing a national, interoperability framework that allows health facilities and providers to exchange patient records regardless of their technology or EHR. Think of it like the banking system. You do business with a single bank, but you can access your account through any ATM across the country. Through Carequality, it doesn’t matter what network caregivers and their patients are on. With connections to over 2,000 hospitals and over 600k healthcare providers, Carequality participants can request and receive real-time data about a patient regardless of where they are in the care continuum.

What Can Carequality Do for You?

Making a connection for a health information exchange can be a lot of work. It often involves legal teams, technical staff, and compliance and privacy officers – but Carequality has already done the heavy lifting. It builds on existing data exchange relationships you already have in place and expands their reach. Carequality connects “Implementers”, including EHR vendors, HIEs, payers, or other organizations who provide access to data from multiple sources. Once you have connectivity services from one Implementer, you can exchange records with any other participant in the Carequality network.

If you want to know if anyone in your network is using Carequality, you can search the registry of healthcare providers. Click here to use the tool to search their database. 

Why is PointClickCare Joining Carequality?

PointClickCare is committed to solving some of the most critical challenges the LTPAC industry is facing, such as care transitions, medicine reconciliation, and diagnosis reconciliation. Carequality is an extension of our commitment to helping the largest LTPAC network connect, communicate, and access the insights they need to provide the best care possible to patients. Providing our customers with access to this trusted framework allows for:

  • More coordinated and connected care
  • Enhanced delivery of patient and resident care
  • Increase clinical and administrative efficiency
  • A reduction of paper records

Want to learn more? Connect with us and we’ll tell you more about this partnership and how you can join the Carequality network. Stay tuned for more news about this exciting partnership!

May 5, 2020