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Three life sciences researchers reviewing insights derived from PointClickCare's Lighthouse data set on a laptop

PointClickCare’s Life Sciences Solution: Key Benefits and Takeaways

In today’s increasingly digitally-connected world, the most valuable resource for any company is data. It can be leveraged for everything from product development to operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Over the last two decades, PointClickCare has collected a significant amount of real world data on patient therapy and treatment information in long-term care, including detailed outcomes that result from those treatments.

With all personal patient information stripped out of the database, life science companies, industry advocates and government agencies can partner with PointClickCare to gain direct access to this data. Real world evidence is what epidemiology research and development teams in the payer, provider, and life sciences markets need to improve care.

So, what are the key, immediate benefits of our Life Sciences solution?

  • Researchers are able to analyze and derive key insights that improve patient outcomes.
  • Access to data enables improved accuracy of research, strengthened collaborations in the healthcare space, accelerated biomedical exploration, and restores trust in clinical investigations.
  • Sharing data helps physicians, hospitals, and health plans improve quality, reduce costs, and enhance the overall patient experience.

What are the longer-term benefits?

  • Analysis of data over time is an important factor in the discovery of lifesaving and altering therapies for the senior population.
  • The insights equip life sciences companies with a better understanding of the post-acute and long-term care demographic. It enables the development of pragmatic clinical trials that use “real-world evidence” studies.
  • The partnerships will ultimately allow PointClickCare to deliver better care and therapy options for the senior demographic.

In July 2020, PointClickCare was selected by the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) to provide de-identified patient data for the Discovery Viral Infection and Respiratory Illness Universal Study (VIRUS) COVID-19 Registry. Through the partnership, PointClickCare delivers de-identified data on COVID-19 diagnosed patients, including demographics, vitals, medications and health-related outcomes to help better understand their health post-ICU. In addition to SCCM, PointClickCare is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Healthcare Association (AHCA) on COVID-19 research. 

By breaking down silos and facilitating a connected care network, we can drive action for better care and accelerate innovation designed to protect vulnerable populations.

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January 7, 2021