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Dave Wessinger, Co-founder and President of PointClickCare poses for a photo for our meet the leadership blog series

Life at PointClickCare: Dave Wessinger

We’ve already introduced you to a few of our long-time employees, co-ops, and the amazing nurses we have right within PointClickCare. But today we wanted to get a bit personal with our President and co-founder, Dave Wessinger, and hear more about his path to success with PointClickCare.

The path to President

Being president isn’t just another title to Dave. Of all his accomplishments in his career, he names his path to becoming president of PointClickCare as the one he’s most proud of. And while the thought of taking on this role kept him up at night at times, he says he now feels like he has succeeded in not only leading the company where it’s needed to go, but in supporting the key decisions required to help deliver for our employees, board members and stakeholders.

In this role, Dave leads a number of functional areas of the business, but his true passion is to focus on the performance zone and business operations. As he says, “With such a strong leadership team around me, my efforts are geared towards using my experience over the last 25 years in this industry to coach others and to help them to better understand our customers and the market. Best of all, I get to learn every day from my colleagues because they are the best at what they do, and I get the opportunity to influence where we’re headed through them.”

There’s got to be a better way

Twenty years ago before PointClickCare was even a thought, Dave was working in long-term care on the provider side as a technologist. Through that role, Dave gained experience in the industry by working with solutions that he would call ‘subpar’. He knew there could be a better way, and that’s when he decided to join forces with his brother, our CEO and co-founder, Mike Wessinger. Together they set out on a mission: to care for an aging population, offer a better experience for senior care providers, and make technology easier for them to consume.

“That was the mission from day one; we weren’t OK with the status quo and that was what led me to join Mike and really move us into building PointClickCare. From the very beginning, I’ve continued to have a passion for this industry, and I have remained focused on the same goals, just a little bit bigger.”

Putting people first

Our PointClickCare company values are Passion, People, and Performance, but for Dave, it’s all about the people. He believes having the right people is critical to any successful business. “When I think about valuing people, there’s nothing more important in our company. It is critical for me to ensure we are all treating each other with respect and being kind to one another. There’s no other way I’d want to build a business then with that one principle in mind.”

A trailblazer in the LTPAC industry

PointClickCare has become a leader in the LTPAC industry, and Dave believes that is due to one important characteristic: operating with integrity. Being a trusted advisor and providing consistent support, advocacy, and innovation has allowed PointClickCare to move the industry forward. “It’s not just what we do, but it’s how we do it that’s unique. We continue to demonstrate that it’s not only about taking out of the industry but contributing to it as well.” Having our customers say that we’re a trusted partner, that we support our customers, that we are honest, and that we stand up for what’s right is all the assurance we need that we are doing what we set out to do. “We may not get everything right, but we always do the right thing and I think that says a lot about how we show ourselves as leaders in the industry.”

Being a great leader

Dave’s advice for being a great leader? You have to be self-aware. Understanding how you’re being perceived, reacting to those in the room, seeing whether your audience are engaged or confused; it tells you a lot about how you are communicating, relating, and working together. “Being self-aware provides you with feedback to help you modify your style and having that awareness is a critical fundamental in leadership.”

Another characteristic Dave says is important for all leaders is empathy. “Really caring about people and not having everything be about how you perform or the ultimate result. It’s really about working well together and having empathy for what other folks go through from time to time. It’s being able to relate to that and not necessarily trying to solve their problems, just being aware.”

The last thing great leaders need to do is create a relationship with your colleagues built on mutual trust. Ultimately, by having open communications and being viewed as a trusted leader, you can have really frank, open conversations and address the things that need to be addressed without assigning blame. 

Looking to the Future

PointClickCare is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year, marking a huge milestone for any business. As we look forward and imagine the next 20 years, it’s tough to say what that will look like, but we know this is only the beginning. We aren’t done yet in terms of the influence we have on transforming healthcare, and delivering on our problem-solving vision we started out with many years ago.

“There’s no reason why we can’t be the next Microsoft, Amazon, or Google. We’re on our way and we’re taking a little more time, but as far as healthcare goes, I think we’ve got a great chance of being a hell of a brand that impacts the lives of many, transforms healthcare, and becomes a leader and innovator in the space for years to come.”

We look forward to many more exciting years with PointClickCare and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

September 29, 2020