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PointClickCare employee, Jayne Warwick

People of PointClickCare: Jayne Warwick, Our Nurse of the Month

Throughout 2020, PointClickCare has been celebrating the WHO’s Year of the Nurse and Midwife by recognizing LTPAC nurses nominated by colleagues in their communities. But we can’t forget about the nurses in our very own company who deserve to be acknowledged! 

One of the stand-outs is Jayne Warwick, HBScN, RN. Formerly our director of market insight, Jayne is now Sr. Director, Medical Records Compliance. Jayne has been a nurse for almost  30 years, and a PointClickCare employee for 16. Looking back, both of these paths were more serendipitous than planned.

An Accidental Nursing Career

Jayne initially studied Outdoor Recreation and Natural Sciences at university, but a summer as a canoe guide provided a new perspective – and an opportunity.

“Part of my job was taking sick and injured paddlers in for care, a really interesting experience. So, when I had the chance to continue my schooling on scholarship, I chose nursing, both because it appealed to me and it was in the same building as the Outdoor Recreation school! I’ve never regretted the decision to be a nurse; it’s allowed me to live all over Canada and always be employed.”

Jayne began her nursing career in palliative care, an eye-opening part of the profession.

“In my first year on the job, I was with 26 people as they died, and not all of them were old. It truly made me see how important people are at the end of life. And sometimes as nurses, those people are us. It is a privilege to be there at the end, with someone at the nexus of their journey.”

Clicking with PointClickCare

Jayne eventually became director of resident care for Kensington Health Center, the first “Superbuild” facility in Ontario. She describes the administrator as very forward-thinking, focused on being adaptable now and into the future. Part of his vision of care was computerization, including installing an EHR. You can probably guess the rest of Jayne’s story.

“We chose PointClickCare in 2002, when Melissa Jackson was the only implementer. I really loved how the system worked and became proficient at using the software – often in ways that weren’t intended. I drove PointClickCare crazy, always asking for more features and functionality. Eventually, I wore them down and they hired me in self defense in 2004.”

Jayne says she loves her job, and is never bored, thanks to the constant evolution of the company and the industry. She feels especially fortunate to help make a difference with PointClickCare’s technology, having been on the other side.

“The influence we have on LTC is exponential. We strive to make caring for people easier for nurses, by helping them keep up with the pace of change, and therefore better for their residents. This means improved care outcomes and happier all-around experiences.  What’s the most important thing we can do for seniors in long-term care? Give them back their nurses and aides.”

The Impact of Tech Keeps Growing

Besides giving staff more information, guided problem solving, and ways to easily organize their days, Jayne points to other benefits nurses receive from the right technology, such as improved connections with physicians and families, and bridging staff shortages. Residents are taking advantage of it, too.

“Seniors love technology and it can also help them with mental agility; Tetris is great for improving cognitive connections, Virtual Reality for reminiscing therapies, and Augmented Reality for dementia support.” 

What Nurses Are – And Are Not

Don’t get Jayne started on the many misconceptions of nurses, like “waitresses in orthopedic shoes.” She believes the only way to change the false perceptions of nursing is to keep speaking up and out.

“Nurses are one of the most versatile groups of people I’ve ever met. I’m always amazed at the combined brain power when you put a bunch of nurses in a room to solve a problem. Nurses can do absolutely anything they set their minds to – and often better than anticipated. We’re college or university-trained licensed professionals with a vast set of experiences and knowledge. Nurses work in countless different industries in and out of healthcare; it’s incredible that there are so many ways to be a nurse. Not all nurses work at the bedside, but all of us contribute to bettering lives.”   

Looking Ahead, For Herself and Others

Ten years from now, Jayne expects to still be at PointClickCare, learning something else new and exciting. As for her current and future nurse colleagues, she has a few words of wisdom. “Remember that nursing frees you up to be independent and live where life makes sense for you. There’s more to nursing than working in a hospital; dig into what nurses do and where they work, to find some amazing opportunities. Being a nurse is your superpower. Wield it proudly and wisely.”

Speaking of wisdom, Jayne still embraces the philosophy of a 107-year-old man, who told her, “Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.” Her response to that is what you’d expect from a great nurse: “Have fun and smile more – it’s good for your immune system.”

August 3, 2020