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Employee spotlight recognition featuring Jessica Sjostrom

Life at PointClickCare: Jessica Sjostrom, No Longer a Co-op

When Jessica began her PointClickCare journey in January 2020, she had no idea what her co-op experience would have in store for her. It has been a whirlwind year with pandemic restrictions moving her to a permanent work from home situation and adapting to this new normal. But that didn’t stop Jessica! Being the dedicated and talented worker she is, she was still able to show her skills and value, and ultimately, secure herself a new position. 

From Co-op to Full-Time Employee
Starting as an Automation Engineer Intern on the Test Automation Gurus (TAG) team, Jessica was tasked with testing Genchi. What’s that you ask? “The build reporting tool for engineers here at PointClickCare. I worked on both constructing automated tests and executing manual tests. I also helped investigate the failing tests from other development teams with the goal of getting them to a 100% pass rate.”

In March, she was offered a fantastic opportunity to switch to the Runtime Exceptionals Team, which works on core platform development. With this team, she continues to create automated and manual tests around the PointClickCare Web platform, as well as developing testing plans for upcoming changes.

Jessica was so successful with this new team that she was offered a full-time position on the Runtime Exceptionals, and started as an Intermediate Test Engineer on October 16th  2020. 

Onboarding Remotely
Although Jessica had started with us in the office, in March a week after she had moved to her new team, everyone was switched to remote working. However, she believes this was actually a good time to join the team. “This actually worked to my advantage as I was able to get to know my new teammates at the same time that everyone else was adapting to working remotely and communicating more effectively online.”

While she certainly succeeded in the remote atmosphere, Jessica notes that it wasn’t always easy. “It was initially a bit of a challenge to learn a new role while working from home, but with the ongoing support of my manager and team members, I was able to get up to speed in no time at all by being included in all team meetings and chats, and encouraged to ask as many questions as needed.”

The Right Team Fit
Finding the right team fit is crucial to a positive work environment, especially when it’s a new working situation. Jessica was initially worried about losing the team spirit when switching to work from home. “I would say the biggest challenge has been the isolation that comes with working from home. I live alone, so I’m really feeling the impact of not having daily face-to-face interaction with my colleagues.”

However, Jessica was happy to find that her team was also eager to keep up the social interactions throughout the workday. “My team has been wonderful about keeping up the small talk that you would normally do in-person. In fact, I’ve found most people are quite happy to chat about “the little things” that I worried I would miss out on from not being in the office.”

For Jessica, it’s this feeling of regularity that keeps her engaged. “I feel like that is such an important aspect of keeping some normalcy during these times.” She has also found that because of the initiatives PointClickCare has put in place throughout the pandemic, she is actually able to participate in more colleague activities than she would have normally, and meet people from a variety of teams across PointClickCare. “I was thrilled to see all the initiatives offered to help keep employees engaged, such as the daily exercise classes, cooking videos, and the Coffee Connects chat! I’ve been a very active participant with the latter for both co-op and regular staff chats, and it’s been a delight getting to know other employees I wouldn’t normally meet!”

Excited for the Future
One of the things that attracted Jessica to PointClickCare in the first place was the company culture.  Fast forward a couple months and she was seeing it in action as everyone adjusted to the new normal. For Jessica, she was especially impressed by the way leadership continued to foster employees personal and professional goals throughout the pandemic. She notes in particular, “the approaches to promoting mental health well-being within the company such as the half-day Fridays allowed us more free time to take care of any personal or family issues during the pandemic” were extremely helpful to employees who needed that extra time.

Now as a full-time employee, Jessica can’t wait to see what types of new plans will be released over the fall and winter. In her opinion, “Being able to get involved with both my own team and other members of the company while working remotely has really helped enhance that level of inclusivity that I know PointClickCare prides itself on.”

Thanks for sharing Jessica! We look forward to your bright future with PointClickCare.

November 13, 2020