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Photo of Thea White, for our October employee spotlight blog

Life at PointClickCare: Thea White, A Second Time Co-op

Our co-op program hires 100+ students every year as co-ops or interns, giving them a chance to learn new skills and put their education into action.

As we already noted in our blogs on former co-ops Nermina Lika and Esha Bhatti, this program is known for hiring students back again and again, and more often or not even making them full-time employees! Our latest employee spotlight, Thea White, is one of those special co-ops we were excited to have join us again this year.

Her first time around

Thea’s first co-op position with us was in 2018 where she and four other co-ops completed the Critical Call campaign within our Customer Success team. As Thea says, it was her positive first experience with PointClickCare that made her want to apply again. “Something that struck me about PointClickCare was the company culture. Every day was enjoyable to come into the office, and I got incredible exposure into the corporate world. I found everyone I worked with was eager to help me learn, and had a passion for their job, as well as the PointClickCare values. This was something I had never experienced anywhere else, so it was a very easy decision to come back.”

Back at PointClickCare

This time around, Thea is a co-op with shared services. Some of her main tasks include managing a dashboard project that will streamline her team’s efficiency and internal visibility. In addition to this, she works with her team to help Customer Success Managers process internal requests and continue find ways to improve efficiency across the department.

Although this year was definitely different from her first experience, Thea says permanently working from home due to COVID-19 has still been a great experience. “It had been different not being in the office, especially after experiencing it during my first co-op term. That said, my entire team has been so supportive and present with the onboarding experience. I feel as though I am completely part of the team, even in a remote work environment.”

Feeling the support of her PointClickCare team

Many of us are feeling the pains of adjusting to working remotely. Whether we had done it before or not, COVID-19 has changed the way we work and the way we will operate in the future. As a co-op, this year’s unprecedented circumstance was Thea’s first experience working in a remote environment, but that didn’t stop her from forming connections with her team and the other co-ops. “There has been a lot of support from my team with zoom calls, check in’s, and emails to make sure I have all of the tools I need to succeed in my co-op term.”

Additionally, the co-ops have formed a ‘coffee connect’ that has been an excellent way for all of our co-ops to network with other students, and learn about different areas of the company. “This has not only helped in integrating us into the culture of PointClickCare, but has led to friendships forming with other co-ops that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise meet. Between co-ops, we have collaborated on projects, as well as shared advice and tips on things we have found helpful in working remotely for the first time.”

As an extrovert, one of the biggest challenges she faced while working remotely is the lack of interaction with others. For Thea, one of the allures of the PointClickCare office was how social it was with people always around to collaborate with or just to chat. One of her solutions to this is to set up zoom chats with colleagues just to catch up. “Some days, I will eat lunch with others’ on zoom, or just have a video call to catch up and “hang out” with friends. This has helped me feel like even though I’m working from home, I can still be social and get to know people within the company, and other co-ops, making the best of the current situation.”

We love hearing how our colleagues are finding new and innovative ways to connect while adapting to the current situation of remote working. Thanks for sharing with us Thea!

October 16, 2020