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Jeff Wright, Senior Director of Sales Enablement speaks to us for the life at PointClickCare employee spotlight

Life at PointClickCare: Jeff Wright, Sales Team Veteran

We previously introduced you to one of our PointClickCare veterans, Melissa Jackson, R.N. Melissa is our Director of Customer Engagement Marketing and this year is her 20th anniversary with the PointClickCare family. In case you missed it, check it out here.

Now, we’d like to feature another long-serving member of our family, Jeff Wright. Our Senior Director of Sales Enablement, Jeff first began working for PointClickCare in 1998. As you can imagine, the company looked much different in those days. 

One Job, Many Hats

There were only nine employees at PointClickCare when Jeff took his initial position as a salesperson responsible for Western Canada. At that time, he was selling a quality improvement client-server application that helped nursing homes prepare for the accreditation process.

“We weren’t just salespeople; we were also sales engineers, trainers, consultants, help desk and our own marketing department. Actually, there are elements of the sales process and the importance of account planning, discovery, and presenting that remain very similar today, 22 years later. I wish I could go back and do it again with what I’ve learned.”

Customer, Company Changes

Jeff has spent many years flying around North America, where he’s had the “honor and pleasure” of presenting the PointClickCare solution. The product itself is one of his favorite parts of the company, and now he believes that customers have a greater understanding of its worth.

“I’ve seen thousands of smiling faces that got introduced or reintroduced to a better way of documenting and planning care. The customer’s perspective of the value of technology has changed so much, from a regulatory driver to a competitive advantage.”

Customer appreciation for the technology isn’t the only change Jeff’s experienced in his career with us. He remembers when the reality of our growing company really hit him.

“We started hiring strangers! For a long time prior to that, we hired people whom others could vouch for. Every new hire used to be a personal referral.”  

Proud of Our People, Mission

Jeff finds it difficult to associate himself with accomplishments. But when asked about the most rewarding part of his job, he doesn’t hesitate to point to his colleagues.

“It’s fulfilling to see success from my team. I’ve watched them grow, improve, and change the company.”

As to why he’s continued to work for PointClickCare for so many years, Jeff explains that he’s always conscious of how much we’re helping the most vulnerable people.

“Everything we sell, implement, and service gives our customers efficiencies that allow their staffs to spend more time caring for residents. They look after the frailest part of our society and every day they choose to take care of other people’s family members as if they were their own. Whether I help sales sell more, or the sales engineers present, the end result is that our customers become better. So, when I see our company results grow year after year, to me that just means there are a growing number of better-performing healthcare providers.”

Advice for New Hires

We asked Jeff for some words of wisdom for employees joining PointClickCare today. He couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for the potential that exists.

“The best years are here now! This is when it matters the most. I don’t mean that we should ‘live in the now’ or anything like that; I mean we’re at a crossroads. We’re not only poised for the future growth of a great company, but we’re in a great position to change healthcare for the better.” 

Congrats, Jeff, on all your past and future successes at PointClickCare! As we hear about more new customers using our solution, it’s likely you’ll have had a hand in bringing them on board.

August 18, 2020