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Angelo Papatheodorou employee spotlight banner

Life @ PointClickCare: Angelo Papatheodorou

Started from the beginning, and he’s still here! Currently functioning as Venture Board Member and Operating Partner, Angelo is also known as employee number 4 since starting with the company back in 1998.

How PointClickCare has changed

When he started with PointClickCare, it was actually called Wescom Solutions and Angelo’s first job was in sales. He was responsible for selling our Administrator Series, which no longer exists. When we asked Angelo what else has changed since his first day, he really didn’t know where to begin. “Seriously, what hasn’t changed, I don’t even know where to start! I’d say the biggest change is how quickly we grew into a big company, which meant those who were accustomed to small company growth had to change as well. Most of us were young and single when we started, 20+ years later, we now have families with kids in their teens!”

22 years and counting

So what has kept him here all these years? For Angelo, it’s the people and being able to witness both the progression of the organization, and also have a role in creating that evolution and the vision we have for the future. “The people I get to surround myself with every day are my reason for staying. I’ve met some of my best friends through PointClickCare. I’m also fortunate enough to have helped create what it is that we have become today and strive to be tomorrow.” He adds that his own role continues to advance as well, keeping him fulfilled throughout his career. “Although life for me has changed quite a bit over the past 15 months as I transitioned from almost 22 years driving sales to a much less stressful job of venture board member & operating partner, I still get excited to wake up every day and tackle new challenges, and thoroughly enjoy talking to staff and clients on a daily basis.”

What Angelo loves about PointClickCare

One word: culture. PointClickCare is known for it, and for good reason in Angelo’s opinion. “I love the culture that we created.  It’s evolved over the past 5 or so years, but in my opinion, it is what has made us great and it propelled us to where we are today. I love that we still care about our clients the same way that we did when we were trying to get the business going.”

Perks of the job

We know what you’re thinking, PointClickCare does have a lot of perks. But this time we aren’t referring to the candy wall or the golf stimulator. For Angelo, the most rewarding part of his job is knowing that he is surrounded by wonderful peers, who support one another on a daily basis. As Angelo puts it, the support from PointClickCare employees doesn’t only come from your own team, it comes from the entire organization. “There has always been a deep level of trust for each other. At the end of the day, it’s extremely rewarding knowing that we were, and still are, able to make a huge difference in the lives of seniors and for the staff of senior care communities. Most of all though, we all work for a company that is second to none in the way we treat our employees and our clients. Not too many people can say that they work for a company that does both.”

Angelo’s advice for future PointClickCare employees 

As a wealth of knowledge about PointClickCare, Angelo has very specific and insightful advice for new and prospective employees. “1) Ask Questions. Asking questions ensures clarity of expectations and it accelerates the learning curve.  2)Talk to customers or better yet, volunteer in an LTC/SNF home. The more you can relate to our customers and their challenges, the more effective you will be in your position. 3) Start slow, and then push the gas more and more as you get the lay of the land. 4) Listen more than you speak. And lastly, 5) Bleed green! Support your peers and become a representation of the logo. This is the best company you’ll ever work for!”

Wise words from a veteran employee of PointClickCare! Thanks for the advice, Angelo.

January 25, 2021