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Jin Li employee spotlight headshot

People of PointClickCare: Jin Li

Introducing, Jin Li, our Director of UX! For the less tech-savvy, UX stands for User Experiencewhich means that Jin’s team works to ensure the design and usability of our solutions provides a meaningful and relevant experience to our customers. Read on to learn more about his fascinating team and how their journey to be world-class in UX is transforming care to make a meaningful impact on the lives of millions

His Journey to UX Design

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Jin possesses a wealth of knowledge in how to ensure customer satisfaction in the design of a solution. When we asked Jin what got him started in the business, he told us flat out that he just loves to design for people! He also added that what initially captured his attention was the fact that UX has a set of proven practices used to collaborate with product leaders and engineers to solve complex customer challenges. “We use empathy to uncover deep user insights, experiment, and create valuable experiences for our users. Even after all these years, I am still fascinated by the everyday design challenges and the magic of design we implement to solve customer problems in the healthcare industry.” 

What keeps him motivated in his role? As Jin says, it’s the impact our work has on vulnerable populations and those who care for them. “When I leave work, I know my team has helped make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Improving the care teams’ productivity and user satisfaction of our solutions through a delightful user experience makes me look forward to working each day.”

The PointClickCare Mission

Working for PointClickCare has its perks, but Jin tells us the best part of his job is the mission of our organization. The values we hold and the fact that we are still focused on our mission of helping people is what draws people in and keeps them around for the long-haul. “I love that we have a noble mission, and we are passionate about helping the world care for our vulnerable populations via innovations and technologies. I also love how UX plays a key role to transform and make the healthcare world a better place. As we expand into the acute and payer market segments, it gets more exciting to solve tough problems for our vulnerable populations with better technology and design.”

He also mentioned that PointClickCare’s people-focused mentality comes through in how we operate on a daily basis and how we show up in the community. “We have a work hard, play hard attitude when it comes to how we operate, and I think that helps to create an authentic work-life balance for our employees. We also put people first by supporting and giving back to communities through events such as One Brave Night and Pedal for Alzheimer’s.”

The UX Team

Since joining our organization in 2017, Jin has been influential in taking our solutions to the next level. User experience is a huge component to any successful technology organization. The design, usability, and efficiency of any solution is key to ensuring happy customers.

That’s why he considers the development of his team to be one of his biggest accomplishments since joining the company. “Establishing the UX team, championing the UX mindset within the product engineering team, and driving outcomes for the business via better-designed solutions are what I am really proud of. In the early days of UX design, many people didn’t quite understand the value of good UX  designs, many simply thought it was all about making things look pretty, but in reality, visual appeal  is only the tip of the usability iceberg. Nowadays, our skill-set makes those in the profession sought-after collaborators in solution development ,from the early discovery and design phase to the final delivery of the solution.”

In particular, Jin mentions that his team made significant contributions to the success of the new mobile app, Companion, that empowers caregivers in senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities to manage their day, by quickly capturing and documenting in real-time the delivery of services and medication using an iPhone or Android device. “Through better design, we have reduced caregiver’s documentation time by 78%. For the Carequality solution, we have designed a compelling onboarding experience such that customers can self-enable in five minutes from what used to take days. Most recently, the release of the Infection Prevention & Control solution in 2020 helped senior care facilities manage COVID-19 in real-time and slow down its spread. Users love the new modern look and feel and find it easy to learn and use.”

World Class Delivery

According to Jin, there are two driving factors that push us to deliver world-class solutions. “First, we relentlessly focus on value transformation to help customers achieve better outcomes via value-based care. Second, we take concrete steps with the discipline to improve cross-functional collaboration within the company.”

When it comes to world class, Jin says he holds himself and his team accountable for driving business outcomes through better design. “We leverage Design Thinking practices to discover the right thing to build and apply our Evergreen Design System to deliver it with the right consistency and speed.” Jin’s team has actually been documenting their progress and we will be posting some of their stories in a series of upcoming blogs. Stay tuned for more on their on-going achievements!

Thanks for sharing with us, Jin!

May 31, 2021