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Julieann Esper Rainville, PointClickCare’s Chief Strategy Officer

Life @ PointClickCare: Julieann Esper Rainville

As we continue on our journey to share the stories of our executive leadership team, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about PointClickCare’s Chief Strategy Officer, Julieann Esper Rainville. Joining us only two short years ago, Julieann has already made her mark on the organization and helped to structure the future of PointClickCare. From launching the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services business unit to her work on the Collective Medical acquisition, it’s safe to say she has definitely kept busy. But she’s much more than her corporate description will tell you. Julieann is many things, a Harvard MBA, a math enthusiast, and a mom of four. We’re excited to share her story with you and give you a little bit more insight to this exceptional leader.

The OG Mathlete

As a student, Julieann graduated from Smith College with a BA in Mathematics and Spanish (more on that later), with the goal of becoming a mathematician. What she says is unique about her love for math is that she loves both theoretical math and applied math. “Normally, you like one or the other. The reason I liked both is because in theoretical math, you deal a lot in solving and proving theories, which requires a lot of strategic thinking. On the applied side, you take math and you use it to solve real world problems.” When you think about it, the two of these combined illustrate Julieann’s career path quite well, as her passion stands in developing strategies and then executing on the plans to produce a desired outcome.

Another lifetime

While there is a tight correlation between where she started, what she fell in love with doing, and where she ended up, interestingly enough, Julieann also studied Spanish. But if you ask her how that fits in to her life today, she will straight up tell you, “Not enough!”  While language was a passion of hers, she wishes that she had pushed herself to become fluent. She tells us, “If I had one do-over, I would have spent my time abroad studying language rather than math.”

Harvard Business School (HBS)

By the time she went to business school, Julieann already had several years of work experience and HBS was more about leadership development and relationship building than business education. “At HBS, it is expected that you come in with core skills. The experience is more about how you, as a leader, will drive transformation.”

Her journey to PointClickCare

Although Julieann only joined PointClickCare a short time ago, she has already had a huge impact on the way we do business and creating the path that will lead us into the future. When asked what led her to us, she said it was definitely a right time right place situation. “It was a combination of the job, which is an incredible role, and the company itself.  When I got the call about the opportunity at PointClickCare, I was automatically interested because I knew the company was a high performing organization. The more I learned about the role, the company and its future opportunities, the more excited I became. I knew that in a key strategic role I would play a large part in shaping the organization for years to come.”

What is a Chief Strategy Officer?

In her time here, Julieann has been focused on defining our corporate strategy to position PointClickCare for the future of healthcare. As Julieann says, her role is to identify, develop, and execute business level strategies that will both drive revenue and also market share growth. “As we think about the long-term vision for PointClickCare, which is to empower the right care, real-time, for the people who need it most through use of our technology, my team is constantly thinking about how we get there, whether that be by organic methods, or through acquisition or partnership.”

Biggest accomplishments

Julieann notes her biggest accomplishment since joining is her work around strategic vision, which she says has led to many other opportunities. She has worked in lockstep with the other executive team members to define our vision and how we are going to execute on it. “For example, we launched the RCM services business unit, which is establishing our foothold in tech-enabled services. This a new and meaningful service offering to help reduce the administrative burdens of our customers so they can focus on care.” To get us deeper into integrated care coordination, she led the acquisition of Collective Medical, which is enabling PointClickCare to positively influence outcomes for a broader patient population.

As Julieann looks at strategic alternatives for growth, she notes an important discipline to keep in mind is being able to say “no” as well as “yes.” Sometimes the “no’s” can be more important because they force us to focus on the things that matter most. “As important as the things we choose to do are the things we choose not to do. We are such an accomplished company that we have endless options. In order to succeed in our goals, we need to ensure that we are focused on the avenues that will lead us there.”

Management vs. Leadership

As a leader, Julieann believes in the Peter Drucker quote, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” She says, “When I think about what is takes to be a great leader, it’s about guiding your organization to do the right things and to be clear and decisive in those choices.” Julieann’s commitment to these principles strengthens her position as an exceptional strategist and leader.

Her advice for future female leaders

As a successful leader in her field, we asked Julieann what her advice would be for future female leaders. “My advice would be to find the right people to whom to hitch your wagon and be sure to be selective of these people, even if it takes time. You want to find people who are smart, willing, capable, and who challenge you. But, it is equally important for them to encourage you to have your own voice. In addition, always present yourself with confidence. Make sure you aren’t shying away from conversations or meetings. Learn to speak up and make your presence known.”

Thanks for sharing with us Julieann!

February 25, 2021