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Liam Coyne employee spotlight banner

Life @ PointClickCare: Liam Coyne

After completing three summer co-op terms with PointClickCare Liam Coyne decided it was time to make it official and join us full time. That was three years ago and he (and PointClickCare) couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Why PointClickCare?

As an Intermediate Test Engineer, Liam manually tests new features for the PointClickCare application, which is often accompanied with coding tests to ensure these features remain functional throughout future releases. As the company progresses towards becoming world class, Liam says testing emphasis has shifted greatly towards coding and automation. But that’s not the only reason Liam chose PointClickCare.

“Aside from being the top software company in their sector, I was and continue to be amazed by the company’s initiative to put the needs and considerations of the employees first. PointClickCare consistently puts a significant effort towards making sure that employees have all of the right tools to accomplish their work while producing an environment that is both fun and rewarding. Nothing like any of my classmates’ companies have come close to achieving.”

Perfect Learning Environment

When Liaminitially started his role, it was heavily based around manual testing. He was able to learn about different forms of testing such black/white box, regression, smoke testing, etc., as well as proper methods to define scope and test coverage. Further into his placements, PointClickCare had a shift in direction and began developing its library of automated tests. This change was huge for Liam as he was to develop his coding skills and learn all about data driven testing and functional testing through Selenium WebDriver. 

Liam also says that his many co-ops with PointClickCare provided an influential view into the positive impact we can have on an industry that does so much for our senior community. “I was impressed by my experiences throughout my co-op summer terms and appreciated the value PointClickCare provides to the crucial long-term care and healthcare industry. Accepting a full-time position was a no-brainer.”

Why He Recommends PointClickCare to Potential Co-ops

As a 3-time repeat co-op, it’s obvious that Liam thoroughly enjoyed his time with PointClickCare. To him, the environment  provided an invaluable learning experience as well as a great place to develop his career and learn about the software industry as well as the healthcare/long-term sector.

“I would definitely recommend becoming a co-op at PointClickCare. It is a great company for students to get their foot in the door of the technology sector. The welcoming work environment make it an enjoyable experience to learn and develop your skills as a software engineer. I would highly recommend students to experiment in new fields as well as different teams within PointClickCare to grasp an understand of different parts of the industry and find what they enjoy doing.”

Thanks for catching up with us Liam! We hope to see you here for years to come.

January 14, 2021