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Photo of Michelle Bucaria

Life@PointClickCare: Michelle Bucaria

The culture at PointClickCare is award winning for a reason – we put people first. We strive every day to ensure they feel valued, supported, and able to show up each day as their authentic selves. Who is driving this culture, you ask? Our Chief People Officer (CPO), Michelle Bucaria, of course!  

What is a CPO?

As you can guess by the title, Michelle is focused on one of the main components that make PointClickCare successful, our people! As she says, her job is to “manage the people operations and programs to attract engage, motivate, and encourage the wellbeing of our diverse employee base”.

For Michelle, this role was a natural fit aligning to her passions for people and processes. “I love connecting people strategies to business strategies. Finding those solutions, whether that’s helping to integrate cultures from acquisitions, supporting the growth strategies of the business through talent acquisition, or enhancing leadership capabilities as we scale the business, that’s what gets me excited and keeps me motivated.”

Journey to PointClickCare

Before joining PointClickCare, Michelle spent most of her career in human resources, honing her people skills. But it might surprise you to know that that’s not where she started out. “Almost my whole career has been in HR, but I actually started as an auditor. After studying accounting, I worked for three years as an auditor and then quickly made the move over to HR. As I was working in auditing, I started to get involved in the extracurricular activities that the company hosted. I joined the diversity counsel, I volunteered to be the recruiting lead for my alma mater, and I was the training representative for new hires. It was around that time that I realized I was enjoying these roles much more than my day job, and I knew I needed to make a change.”

Before joining PointClickCare, Michelle worked in financial services for 25 years before choosing a role at a healthcare technology organization, where she truly found her calling. For someone focused on people programs in the healthcare technology industry, PointClickCare was the natural next step. “When I was thinking about my next opportunity, I was connected to PointClickCare though my network and was really impressed with the mission, the growth story, the focus on innovation, and the leadership whom I met. I was well into an offer process with another organization, but I decided to shift my attention to PointClickCare and I am thrilled that I did!”

Being part of the PointClickCare team

Since joining PointClickCare less than a year ago, Michelle has wasted no time getting her programs off the ground and running, working hard to bring together HR and business strategy. There have been many rewards along the way, but for her the most rewarding part of her time with us so far has been seeing the impact in people’s lives. “For me, launching impactful programs that enhance an employee’s experience and business performance is the most rewarding part of the job. Making progress on market driven, performance based total compensation programs, radically flexible FOW models, building a team that can lead & scale to meet our growth aspirations. What can I say, it’s all been fun!”

On leadership

As our people-focused leader, Michelle knows what characteristics a leader should possess to remain connected to their team. “Compassion is key to leadership. Employees need to be able to be a person first which is why DE&I is incredibly important. Leaders should also be good listeners and have the ability to learn from those around them. Lastly, leaders need to be decisive. Our environment is ever changing and it can be hard, but with change comes many decisions to be made and sometimes you have to take risks and make a decision to enable the team to move forward.”

Michelle also says her advice to up-and-coming leaders is to “focus your attention on being great at what you do and use that proven track record when you are asking for what you deserve. To be a great leader you need to be inquisitive, ask questions, and learn from others. You need to be positive and take initiative to identify not just issues, but to create workable solutions as well. Ensure that you are the owner of your career and development. Be proactive, create your plan, know where you want to go, and be sure to advocate for yourself.”

The future of PointClickCare

Michelle joined PointClickCare during an interesting time, about a year into the pandemic, which was also a year after we were all required to permanently work from home. As a people focused leader, the future of work has been her top priority, and ensuring that all employees are continually set up for success, no matter where they work from, has been her ultimate goal. When asked about how this affected her first few months on the job, Michelle honestly told us it wasn’t always easy. “It has been challenging, but it has also been one of the best learning experiences. Learning to build relationships in different ways, bringing teams together, we really had to think differently about the work models and what our people truly needed to be successful. I am by no means a master and continue to try to learn every day.”

How has she kept her team engaged during this time? Michelle says that unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. “The most important thing to do right now is maintain communication. It’s important to infuse the personal time that you would normally get in the office, chatting about your weekend, comforting those going through hard times, celebrating the happy times, into your virtual time with employees. We need to remember to be informal sometimes and create an atmosphere that allows people to be who they are and have fun doing it.”

Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

September 17, 2021