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Life @ PointClickCare: Mike Wessinger

We’ve been getting to know our leaders like Dave Wessinger and Sandeep Tatla, and now it’s time to meet our Founder and CEO Mike Wessinger. Mike isn’t your typical CEO, but with his drive, enthusiasm, and grit, it is clear he was always destined to be an entrepreneur.

Starting from the beginning

We all know the story of the start of PointClickCare – how the founders saw a gap in the industry and knew that they could create something innovative that would immensely help senior care facilities.

But when asked about his beginnings, and what ultimately led to the decision to launch PointClickCare, we didn’t get the same run of the mill answer from Mike. “Highly unemployable?” (he says with a big laugh) “I mean that only half-kidding, because what I am really saying is, in the past, I haven’t responded well to bosses and structure. I thrive in uncertainty and have always been attracted to the idea of defining my own future. That kind of thinking lends itself well to entrepreneurship. I also like the notion that my potential wouldn’t be limited by anything arbitrary, only by my own efforts.”

In the past, Mike admits when it came to academics, he wasn’t an overachiever and lacked the motivation to truly excel in school. However, it was because of this that he ended up realizing his true potential and was able to find the areas he could excel in and turn that into a fulfilling career. “I was not a great student, but I had grit and hustle, and desire and vision. Combining that with my personality type, the natural progression for me was to be an entrepreneur. And to this day, that’s how I see myself.”

Why he loves being a leader

For Mike, being a leader of our organization isn’t about status or hierarchy; he views being CEO as an enormous privilege, and one that he recognizes and honors each day. “It’s an enormous privilege to be a leader, and anyone who doesn’t see it that way, doesn’t get what it means to be a leader. I wake up every morning grateful for the responsibility I have been given to lead such amazing people. It energizes me, I just love it”

Like many successful leaders, Mike isn’t a details-oriented person. He likes to look at the big picture and focus his attention on how we as an organization can have a positive impact on the world. He says, “it isn’t lost on me the impact we as an organization can have and my role in helping us to do that. I love being involved in planning our vision and strategy and then also creating a path for how we are going to achieve that vision.”

Advice for future leaders

Being a leader for so long, Mike has picked up on what works and what doesn’t work and what characteristics make a great leader. “It boils down to 3 things: EQ, grit, and IQ, in that order, with EQ and grit tied for first. Being a leader, especially an entrepreneur leader, is a hard job. You need to have a strong EQ because you need to have empathy and be able to foster a culture that nurtures and connects teams. You’ll never accomplish what you need to by yourself. Having a strong EQ and getting a team to work together towards a common purpose is absolutely critical for any leader.”

Leading our industry into the future

PointClickCare is known as a leader in the LTPAC industry, and when we asked Mike about why he thinks that is, he knew instantly that it was because of who we are and the values we hang our hats on. “Comparing us to our competitors, what makes us stand out is the fact that we have developed an incredible culture that is built around people and innovation. Our people are looking after one another and have our customers’ best interest at heart. They have a customer-focused DNA engrained in their work ethic. And of course, our innovation has always been focused on providing solutions that help increase the efficiencies of the LTPAC industry.”

Since 2000, PointClickCare has led the way in creating cloud-based solutions that solve the challenges faced by LTPAC and senior care providers. “As the business evolves for the future, it’s rewarding to see how PointClickCare has already made a difference and how we continue to push boundaries with our solutions. Now, post-acute care uses more cloud computing than acute care or ambulatory care and that is entirely because of how we have disrupted and evolved the market.”

Lessons learned for the next 20 years

Looking back on the past 20 years, starting off as a one man show and going from there, it’s not lost on Mike the impact that we as an organization get to make and the large role he has had in creating that change.

So, what has he learned in those 20 years? One of the key takeaways he has learned thus far is to focus on markets, not sales. “If you going to succeed, it’s not going be because an individual sale, you need to capture the market.” He also mentions that as a leader, he has learned that he needs to be continually aware of the balance required to work more on the business rather than in the business. He says, focusing on culture is also part of that as “creating the right culture can be your biggest competitive differentiator.” What’s in store for PointClickCare in the next 20 years? As Mike says, the best years are ahead of us. “We already are the most exciting IT healthcare organization, and I think we are on our way to becoming one of the most relevant and large-scale health information technology companies in the next 20 years.”

November 24, 2020