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PointClickCare employee standing with a 3D printer in Home Instead Senior Care faciliity

PointClickCare Employees Give Back in Small Ways to Make a Big Difference

It’s been awhile since those of us who work for PointClickCare have been able to see and collaborate with our colleagues in person. While remote working has been an adjustment, it’s going well. Plus, it has one great benefit: no commuting time!

Many of our co-workers have found creative ways to use those extra hours to support those who need extra help in coping with the pandemic. Here’s a look at what some of our team members have been up to.

T-Shirt Bags for Healthcare Workers

One of our PointClickCare employees learned that her friends in healthcare were bringing their clothes back and forth to work, and was concerned about the possible spread of COVID-19 on that clothing. She came up with the idea for a t-shirt bag, something the healthcare workers could throw right into the laundry with their clothes in it and be ready for the next shift. She’d been saving t-shirts for years to make a quilt, but this seemed like a better and more urgent use for them. Once she found a pattern from a quick online search, she was off and sewing. So far, she’s sent 20 bags to friends around the country. One of her childhood friends reached out with a note saying how much she appreciated the bag as both an alternative to using a plastic bag and an easier way to wash her clothes. 

Cards Bring Smiles to Seniors

Another employee realized that social distancing is affecting the lives of countless seniors as they struggle with extreme isolation, and perhaps the loss of friends or family members. So, she decided to bring some happiness into their lives by making and sending cards to nursing home residents in her area. She and her partner had a sole purpose: to make people smile. They created colorful cards with glitter, sweet drawings, and cheerful sayings. While they worked, they felt humbled to think of what others are enduring and how the cards might brighten their days. Our co-worker makes a great point – we shouldn’t need a pandemic to remind us of our role to help and care for others. As she put it, “A smile doesn’t cost a fortune, and doesn’t need a lot of time or effort, but its effects are limitless.”

Working Weekends to Give Others a Break

One of our many employees who are licensed registered nurses saw that her local home healthcare agency was short-staffed and looking for help on weekends. Knowing that COVID-19 had already caused so much stress for both clinicians and patients, she applied for a PRN RN position to do weekend on-call visits. After doing her PointClickCare job during the week, she helps provide patient care on the weekend – just because she saw a need that she was qualified to fulfill. She’s not our only co-worker who’s helping facilities and agencies in her spare time.

Comfort Food to Lift Spirits

It’s tough enough to work alone at home on a rainy afternoon, but a group of our employees put themselves in the shoes of the nursing staff at a local senior living facility in Florida, and realized the healthcare workers definitely needed a pick-me-up. They ordered southern barbecue from a favorite local spot and drove it to the community. You can imagine the surprise – and gratitude – of the nursing staff, to receive a free delivered hot meal! Our co-workers felt it was the least they could do, seeing the many new challenges that COVID-19 has presented to long-term post-acute care facilities and senior living communities.  

Who Doesn’t Love Cookies?

An Arizona-based facility was hit hard by the novel coronavirus; 22 of its residents were isolated for 28 days, after two positive tests half-way through their initial two-week isolation started the clock all over again. One of our PointClickCare employees volunteers with Arizona nonprofit Mother’s Grace, which reached out to support the facility. They made cards and cookies, and also provided a meal. What better way to boost the spirits of both staff and residents? Our employee and her fellow volunteers realized that this has been a haunting experience for everyone at the facility and wanted them to know that the community is behind them 100 percent.

Meaningful Work from Caring People

Those words sum up the foundation of PointClickCare’s culture. We’ve seen it on the job for years and are inspired by the passion and ingenuity of our workforce. As these few employees show, they’ve taken their talents out into the world – at a time when it needs them most – and applied them to improve the lives of others.

Stay tuned for more #PointClickEmployeesCare stories!

June 25, 2020