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Female healthcare provider smiling with her arms crossed in front of her while in an office environment

Harmony Introduces New Ways to Embrace Integrated Care Coordination

We’re living through a time of constant change – and the healthcare landscape is no different. The industry is continuing to evolve drastically, at an extremely fast rate. In light of the demands presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, seamless collaboration and coordination between care teams and different facilities has never been more important.

In a recent blog post, we explained how Harmony – our integrated care coordination platform – has evolved alongside these radical industry changes. The new offering from Harmony enables acute care providers and health systems to empower their case managers and preferred network managers with more accurate insights into care transitions, patient monitoring, and network management. With Harmony, health systems can reduce readmissions, improve patient outcomes, and operate a high performing preferred network.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve heard from acute care leaders across the country that hospital and health systems are at different stages on their journey towards integrated care coordination and that their needs may vary based on their starting point . That’s why we’re making it easier than ever to get started with Harmony through two different editions – Plus and Advanced. While the features of each are suited to different levels of integrated care coordination maturity, both give acute care organizations access to confident care transitions, chart-level patient monitoring and network performance management. Here are the key differences between the two:

  • PLUS is designed for health systems looking to actively manage patients and network performance. It provides case managers with the tools needed to streamline care transitions and proactively manage patient care during an episode. Preferred network managers gain new capabilities to manage their post-acute network, including advanced transition planning, access to detailed patient charts, and advanced partner performance analysis.
  • ADVANCED is for health systems that need advanced transition planning, notifications, and custom reporting. It enables health systems to receive lifesaving, real-time notifications on patient status, the ability to add patient updates to hospital electronic medical records (EMRs) or business intelligence (BI) tools, as well as customized reporting and analysis.  

Integrated Care Coordination Made Easy

Across both Harmony editions, PointClickCare is doubling down on our promise of helping health systems achieve three key goals: improved care transitions, the ability to proactively manage patients, and optimized post-acute networks. 

At the most basic level, acute care providers and health systems will be empowered to reduce readmissions, have knowledge of how their patients are doing at any given moment, and seamlessly measure facility performance to understand their trajectory over time. We hope that by offering Harmony in two editions – and making it easier than ever to implement – more health systems across the country will embrace the benefits offered by integrated care coordination, measured in improved patient outcomes along with financial and operational improvements.

November 20, 2020