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Panhandle Home Health customer testimonial from one of their Nurse Managers

How Innovation Made a Difference for Panhandle Home Health

When faced with a need for an electronic medical record (EMR) system that would help with compliance, Panhandle Home Care looked no further than PointClickCare’s Home Health Care platform. In light of tremendous changes and challenges faced by the organization, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, EMR innovation was the solution for Nurse Manager, Gwen Schell.

We recently sat down with Gwen to learn more about her story.

PointClickCare: What led you to look for a new EMR platform?

Gwen: I was a field nurse at Panhandle Home Health for five years before stepping into the role of nurse manager after the organization experienced some turnover within the management team. In adapting to my new position, I discovered that our existing software was difficult to use, unreliable, and had a history of both downtime and security vulnerabilities. When it came time for my first experience undergoing a regular three-year survey of the agency, I found myself scrambling to figure out where on the software I could pull the reports needed. As that survey continued, it became apparent that critical things like quality assurance and performance improvement projects hadn’t been updated or refreshed for three years, since the previous survey. There was documentation that pre-dated my time as nurse manager, including missing medications, orders sent to physicians without signature, and more.

Deeming us uncompliant for those reasons, the surveyors ordered us to write a plan of correction outlining the steps we would take to become compliant. Finding a new EMR was a big part of that plan, for me.

PointClickCare: Why did PointClickCare stand out?

Gwen: When looking at PointClickCare, we felt that we could count on receiving exceptional customer service. We wanted a vendor who would work with us and be receptive to our ideas — and we found that partner in PointClickCare. Most importantly, we needed a reliable platform that would help us become compliant.

PointClickCare: How has your experience using PointClickCare’s Home Health Care Platform been so far?

Gwen: The support we’ve received to date, has been incredible — especially in helping clinical staff adapt to a new system. We have been very impressed, not just with the products but with the dashboards particularly. I can easily show my administrators our census, PDGM, and performance indicators.

As a field nurse, I never realized the impact that a software system can have on compliance, which is everything. With PointClickCare, I’ve been able to bring us back into compliance. Without a functioning EMR, we would lose our business and our patients would lose the care we provide. Panhandle Home Health is so lucky to have found PointClickCare. Your team is now part of our team, helping us to succeed — and what you do makes a difference.

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November 19, 2020