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Mark Tomzak, VP home health care PointClickCare

Increase the Efficiency of Your Claims and Get Paid on Time

In previous interviews with Mark Tomzak, PointClickCare’s Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Home Health Care market, we learned how the Care at Home mobile application gives caregivers the ability to document in real-time while ensuring patients receive the best-possible care. While these elements are incredibly important to any Home Health Care agency, there are other benefits to this solution as well. We sat down with Mark once again to talk about the financial benefits of the Care at Home mobile application.

Q: How does technology bridge the gap to the rest of the care continuum?
Technology bridges the gap by providing a holistic view of a patient’s care. Caregivers can view what happened to a patient or resident in a weekly, monthly, or yearly cycle — no matter if they were in a nursing home, an assisted living home, or in some type of home health care. Our solution integrates all these areas to track the patient’s full health history.

We find that integrated data flow across the care continuum saves time and reduces errors. The more caregivers know about the patient and what medications and treatments they receive, the better the experience is for everyone.

Q: How does technology optimize an agency’s financial state?
One of the biggest challenges agencies encounter is getting the correct information for accurate claims that meet regulatory requirements. Our solution ensures all information requirements are at a caregiver’s fingertips. They can quickly determine what level of care is required and create a care plan that helps their patients go forward.

Complete and accurate information creates clean claims that move easily through the billing process. When this happens, Days Sales Outstanding is reduced, and caregivers are paid in a timely manner.

Knowing your processes are ensuring productive data flow allows you to focus on what matters most: your patients. With our Care at Home mobile application, all aspects of Home Health Care run smoothly. This not only helps your patients achieve better outcomes, but also increases the efficiency of your claims and gets caregivers paid on time.

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September 10, 2018