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Mark Tomzak, EVP/GM, Home Health Care | Point of Care Client data entry

How Point of Care Client-Data Entry Improves Care and Caregiver Satisfaction

In our last interview with Mark Tomzak, PointClickCare’s Executive Vice President and General Manager for the home health care market, he discussed how the rapidly growing number of seniors in America is placing significant pressure on care providers across the continuum.

To take a deeper dive into this situation, we sat down with Mark again to discuss the future of home health care and how PointClickCare is working to support the growing industry with its Care at Home mobile application. Caregivers are finding the application combats many of their most-pressing challenges by putting the information they need at their fingertips.

Q: What are some of the challenges home health care providers encounter?
One overwhelming issue is the caregiver’s inability to accurately capture client data at the point of care. Many caregivers do not have tools that allow them to document onsite, which means they often document what they did that day during their “off the clock” hours. This is inefficient and often leads to negative outcomes for both caregiver and patient.

Q: What kind of negative outcomes are we seeing as a result?
For caregivers, their work/life balance is compromised. Since they can’t effectively complete their job during home health care visits, they’re forced to finish their work on their own time, which can be frustrating.

For patients this becomes problematic, as the process is prone to mistakes. The caregiver could be distracted at home or forget something, which may have a negative impact on the patient.

At PointClickCare we are solving this problem by providing caregivers with the technology they need to accurately capture data at the point of care.

Q: What kind of technology would you recommend for point of care data entry?
With our Care at Home mobile application, caregivers can document on site with a smartphone or tablet, even when there’s no Wi-Fi available at the patient’s home. Caregivers have immediate access to updated health history and care plans associated with their patients. Assessments and visit notes are designed with simple controls and selection lists to allow quick and easy data entry.

By documenting in real-time, caregivers get their personal time back, and patients are treated properly with up-to-date information. This solution is a clear win for the home health care industry!

PointClickCare’s Care at Home mobile application leverages the power of information technology to position home health care for the challenges of the future. The ability to document in real time from anywhere, combined with immediate access to a complete health history, sets agencies and their patients up for success!

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August 21, 2018