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The Great Walk-Out: How Providers Can Collaborate to Do More with Less

As Covid-19 continues to surge and vaccine mandates are implemented, care staff are faced with the decision to stay or leave.

With less than one percent of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) fully staffed, it is evident caretakers are choosing the latter.

This issue isn’t unique to SNFs. Seventy-seven percent of assisted living providers state that the staffing crisis is only worsening.

And families are aware of these alarming statistics.

Given the heightened media attention, families are wondering: How can you maintain your promise to deliver unparalleled care without adequate staff?

The answer comes down to simplicity. 

Read on to learn how collaborative tools can drive efficiencies, even when resources are scarce.

Timely Communication

When you’re delivering care, every moment counts.

And you want to be accountable for every moment.

When you automate critical resident information, you can stay connected and reduce time collecting and sharing, resulting in:

  • Around-the-clock remote connection for both care teams and families
  • On-demand access to key decision makers 
  •  Improved collaboration across care teams​
  • Real-time notifications for stakeholders

Automated Processes

While consistency has always been a presumed hallmark of care, today’s providers are forced to navigate care delivery in a world that is anything but.

To combat this challenge, automation can reduce onerous tasks like those found in the admission process.

This elimination allows you to create consistency by implementing repeatable processes and providing reliable documentation to both the individuals in your care and their families.

Process automation can:

  • Eliminate staff uncertainty and improve quality measures through implementation of standardized best-practice protocols
  • Reduce errors, improve outcomes, and reduce care redundancies that result in readmissions and increased costs by closing care gaps ​
  • Reduce litigation through simple adherence to regulatory requirements

Real-Time Visibility

When your clinicians can see more, they can do more.

Equipped with real-time visibility, your staff can better field questions from individuals and family members with the click of a button, eliminating guesswork and time-consuming chart reviews.

Accessibility to the most crucial resident information provides transparency for all stakeholders of the resident’s care plan.

This visibility can:

  • Improve caregiver productivity and efficiency
  • Increase confidence for clinicians, staff, and family

As the staffing crisis continues to disrupt care, elimination of burdensome processes is the first step to ensuring your staff can dedicate their time to what matters most: the individuals in their care.

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February 16, 2022