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Empowering Long-Term Care with Deep Clinical Insights

Have your data available when you need it to make better care decisions and improve outcomes for your residents

Confident female Director of Nursing in hospital setting with doctors and nurses in background.

With the right data, your staff will be more efficient and provide the best senior care experience.

Female SNF Director of Nursing reviewing information on a tablet device.

Accessing the Right Data = Better Care Planning

Your caregivers have the information they need, but if it’s not accessible it’s not actionable.

You need to:

  • Collect information in a consistent manner right at the bedside
  • Guide your care staff with evidence-based recommendations
  • Effectively prioritize care delivery based on resident acuity

Save time and improve workflow efficiencies with clear and accurate data. Request a consultation to ensure the data you’re collecting is accessible.

Female clinical nurse standing and holding a tablet device in a hospital corridor

Essential Clinical Skills for Consistent Care Delivery

Learn how you can easily predict outcomes and mitigate the risk of unplanned readmissions

Integrated Skilled Nursing Solutions to Drive the Best Outcomes for Your Residents

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Nursing Advantage

Standardize your care delivery process with evidence-based clinical content and alerting to minimize your risk of readmissions through consistent care delivery.

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Care Insights

Quickly and objectively understand who your sickest and highest risk residents are, how they are trending, and how well your care team is performing.

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Skin and Wound

Remove variability in wound measurement and provide visual evidence of progression and treatment to minimize your risk of litigation penalties.

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Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)

Identify, manage, and report infections in real-time so you can detect infections early and monitor antibiotic usage for better resident outcomes and stewardship.

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Integrated Medication Management (IMM)

Automate your medication ordering and supply management process to increase dispensing accuracy and reduce your risk of adverse drug events with early indicators and alerts.

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