Empowering Long-term Care with Data

Assess your data collection process and learn how to improve care

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With the right data, your staff will be more efficient and provide the best senior care experience.


Remove inconsistencies from the hospital by collecting the right data.


Have your data available when you need it to make better care decisions.


Have confidence in your data to make informed decisions for your business.

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Remove Inconsistencies from the Hospital Data.

Reducing inefficiencies and burdens during patient transition is solved through a comprehensive exchange of data.

You need to:

  • Gain full visibility into patient prior to admission to allow for easier medication reconciliation
  • Implement pre-admission process
  • Track and communicate referral statuses to relevant stakeholders

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How We Help Make Data Accurate

Connect to a national-level health data network with over 2,000 hospitals and 600k healthcare providers to exchange timely clinical data.

  • Expedite your admissions process
  • Spend less time reconciling medications and diagnoses
  • Drive care coordination to all your facilities at once
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Quickly obtain diagnosis, medical history, and identified care levels to determine best fit.

  • Track key referral sources
  • Speed up pre-admission
  • Reduce duplication of data entry
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Check and monitor insurance coverage of to verify financial status both prior to and post admission.

  • Minimize risk of non-payment
  • Improve resident mix profitability
  • Enhance insurance checking efficiency
Screenshot of the Eligibility Verification product in the PointClickCare software platform
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The Right Data = Better Care Planning

Your caregivers have the information they need, but if it’s not accessible it’s not actionable.

You need to:

  • Collect information in a consistent manner right at the bedside
  • Guide your care staff with evidence-based recommendations
  • Effectively prioritize care delivery based on resident acuity

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How We Make Data Accessible

Unify the caregiver’s workflow by capturing consistent, accurate, timely, and complete documentation at the point of care.

  • Save staff hours when documenting tasks
  • Eliminate copycat charting
  • Improve communications and create alerts
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Standardize care delivery processes with evidence-based clinical content templates and advanced multi-source alerting.

  • Personalized quality care across all residents
  • Smart assessments to improve workflow efficiency
  • Shift focus from creating custom assessments
Screenshot of the Nursing Advantage product in the PointClickCare software platform

Aggregate essential resident data to identify your sickest and highest risk residents.

  • Monitor your care team’s performance and trends
  • Utilize clinical metrics to prioritize care
  • Drive change-management process with accurate data
Screenshot of the Care Insights product in the PointClickCare software platform
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Have Confidence in Your Data to Make Informed Decisions

Information overload is causing inaction.

You need to:

  • Facilitate regulatory reporting and move toward a forward-thinking partnership with your hospitals
  • Have a consistent process for caregivers to improve patient outcomes
  • Monitor trends to obtain a comprehensive picture of the resident

Connect with us to learn how to make your data actionable.

How We Help Make Data Actionable

Enable the ongoing real-time surveillance, management, and reporting on infection cases.

  • Detect infections accurately and early
  • Facilitate ease of infection reporting
  • Improve awareness and understanding of cases
Screenshot of the Infection Prevention and Control product in the PointClickCare software platform

EHR-driven clinical, financial, and operational metrics that enhance patient care, improve quality, and drive reimbursement.

  • Build a complete picture of your organizational performance
  • Make better decisions with consistent, clear reporting across all operational departments
  • Visualize emerging trends and identify where resources are needed
Performance Insights rehospitalization discharge report screenshot

See your performance relative to your market, highlight your strengths, and have data-centered conversations with your partners.

  • Identify your competitive edge and understand your relative clinical performance
  • Generate metrics and measures for any patient population
  • Lead data-centric conversations with your partners on quality outcomes and performance
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