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Stop Competing for Referrals.
Become a Preferred Provider.

Increasing competition for referrals is made more challenging by changing regulations and high turnover rates.

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Stay competitive. Evolve your business.

Learn about the three key areas you need to re-evaluate in order to become a Preferred Provider.

Referral Management

Remove the friction from patient transitions

Clinician Experience

Less paperwork, more people work

Financial Compliance

Thrive under PDGM

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Remove the Friction from Patient Transitions

As the home health care landscape becomes more competitive, agencies need to build strong referral relationships if they want to become a preferred provider.

You need to:

  • Gain a holistic understanding of a new referral at intake.
  • Reduce time and frustration in gathering information during transitions of care.
  • Move past the back and forth and focus on building strong referral relationships/partnerships.
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Less Paperwork, More People Work

Without a unified clinical and financial approach to your operations, you risk burning out your staff.

You need to:

  • Reduce time spent gathering information during transitions of care.
  • Maintain compliance across a mobile workforce.
  • Reduce risk and documentation errors.
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Thrive Under PDGM

Under PDGM, Institutional referrals are up to 23% more per episode.
To increase your bottom line you need to:

  • Reduce claim denials and lower your Days Sales Outstanding
  • Ensure you achieve your full episode amount with patient LUPA thresholds
  • Simultaneously comply with other regulatory requirements such as EVV and the Conditions of Participation
We’re here to help. Get in touch with one of our associates or schedule your personal referral network analysis.
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Want an in-depth view of our product? How about a personalized referral network analysis?

You’ll get:

  • A geographic view of your referral network with an overview of untapped opportunity
  • Insight into your network and tips on how to pitch your agency against competitors
  • Tricks to improve referral relationship conversations by bolstering them with data
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Easily submit and monitor claims, track staff schedules, and manage intake and new referrals.

  • Deliver Superior Care Experiences
  • Protect Your Cash Flow
  • Unite Your Employees
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Real-time, point-of-care access to complete records with or without Internet.

  • Easily Manage Schedules
  • Instant Electronic Visit Validation (EVV)
  • Ensure Consistent Records

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