Overcome Challenges in Care Transitions During COVID-19

Reduce the risk of readmissions by optimizing patient transitions and strengthening post-acute networks

Here are three critical steps to help your hospital system overcome challenges in care transitions

Step 1

Identify the driving forces behind avoidable readmissions

Step 2

Learn how Integrated Care Coordination can transform patient care

Step 3

Find success with Harmony, our award-winning Integrated Care Coordination platform

Identify Your Key Drivers for Avoidable Readmissions

One in three hospital readmissions can be avoided by first identifying key drivers and then solving for them

  • 33% of patient transitions result in readmission within the first 72 hours.
  • Issues arise within the first 30 days of stay due to an inability to actively monitor patients.
  • Lack of performance data on post-acute networks.

Identify and Address the Gaps in Your Care Transitions

Thrive With Integrated Care Coordination

Enable successful transitions, effective patient management and build stronger post-acute networks through this new patient care model for acute and post-acute facilities.

  • High quality, real-time data exchange with post-acute partners
  • Accurate and timely view into post-acute network performance
  • Centralized way to coordinate post-acute care
  • Scalable systems to accommodate growing caseloads

Get a Personalized Post-acute Network Analysis

97% of U.S. hospitals discharge patients to skilled nursing facilities that use PointClickCare – which means our customers have access to the largest collection of post-acute insights in North America – and you can too.

Connect with us for a personalized post-acute network analysis.

Succeed With Harmony by PointClickCare

Harmony, an Integrated Care Coordination platform for acute care providers, improves post-acute network management and patient outcomes by bringing together actionable information about patients and facilities.

  • Drive outcomes with seamless transitions
  • Proactively manage patients
  • Understand post-acute network performance

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