BJ Smith, Resident Concierge, Spring Hills Hunters Creek

Using information to build stronger resident and family relationships.

BJ Smith, Resident Concierge
Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek

My name is BJ Smith and I’m the Resident Concierge at Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek. I’ve been working for Hunter’s Creek for over 15 years and as our community has grown into what it is today, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the amazing change.

When I first started working at Hunter’s Creek everything was paper-based. This was all we knew. We’d spend hours logging information manually and referencing handwritten reports to be able to provide updates to our residents and their families. It really wasn’t until we started working with PointClickCare that we realized how much time was wasted on administrative duties. And while we are grateful that we are able to save so much time now that we are using an electronic health record (EHR), what’s even more amazing is how personal our care has become simply because of the information we are able to capture and access within the EHR.

Improving resident and family relationships.

As the Resident Concierge, the most important thing for me is the relationships we develop with our residents and their family members. This isn’t a vacation for folks, it’s their home, and we want to ensure they always feel at home at Hunter’s Creek.

Since implementing PointClickCare, our family engagement and satisfaction levels have increased significantly. Our team is seeing 100 percent satisfaction consistently on our resident and family surveys, and we believe this is simply because we have greater insight and know our residents on a deeper level. We have all the information that we need in one place so when a family member calls us for an update we can easily provide them with one on the spot, without having to spend time, sometimes days, gathering the details they are asking for.

Information is king.

We have questions answered about each resident before they even move into our building. We know more about those living in our community than ever before, and because of this we are able to specialize and personalize the service and care that we provide each resident so that we are always meeting their unique needs.

Communications with family members has improved dramatically. We constantly strive to have open communication with our residents and their families; it’s something that is really important to us at Hunter’s Creek.

Without access to all the information that PointClickCare provides us, we wouldn’t know the smallest details, which often make the biggest difference when it comes to our residents’ experience.

Ensuring your residents’ trust is never compromised.

Our residents and their family members have confidence in us and trust that we know everything we need to about their situation to ensure the best quality of service, and care, is provided at all times. We’ve worked hard to earn their trust and having a system in place that allows us to do our job better ensures that this trust is never compromised.

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About Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek

Spring Hills Hunter’s Creek is a young community located directly in the middle of the 4,000-acre planned community in southwest Orange County and part of the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan area. Hunter’s Creek is home to 85 residents and offers senior housing designed specifically for assisted living and memory care.

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