Lesa Scott, VP Resident Services & Program Development, Spring Hills Senior Communities

How Spring Hills Senior Communities completely eliminated paper documentation processes with its EHR platform.

Lesa Scott, VP Resident Services and Program Development
Spring Hills Senior Communities

My name is Lesa Scott and I am the Vice President of Resident Services and Program Development for Spring Hills Senior Communities. I began my Assisted Living career in 2002, but I have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Spring Hills Senior Communities has been providing quality care for seniors since 1999, and today, with a team of 869 members serving over 933 beds, our organization is leading the way in meeting the changing needs of senior adults.

First impressions of PointClickCare.

Prior to PointClickCare, the system we had been using at Spring Hills met our needs, but not all of them. We were leveraging it for assessments, however we were limited in what we could accomplish. And so, we began to explore other options. Like a lot of other senior care organizations, our first priority is to always provide the highest quality of care to our residents.

I spent some time previewing PointClickCare via a product demo which gave be the opportunity to familiarize myself with things. I quickly realized how user-friendly the product is and after using the system first-hand, I knew immediately that PointClickCare would be the best tool to help improve our staff productivity and quality care.

Making the switch to PointClickCare.

Our goal when we implemented PointClickCare was to finally eliminate all paper processes. It was important for us to seamlessly transition to a new solution without disrupting our regular workflow, and I can honestly say that the switch was seamless for us. Today, we are successfully utilizing PointClickCare for medication administration, clinical documentation, billing incident reporting and resident quality improvement initiatives.

A big contributor to our successful implementation was the fact that we were well prepared in advance. Our team purchased the hardware we needed months ahead of time and made sure that we had a high percentage of staff trained (92%) prior to going live with PointClickCare. Our team was extremely prepared; we made sure to keep them informed and provide them with all the necessary training and support to ensure they were comfortable throughout the entire process.

Of course, we did experience our share of challenges, which is natural and expected for a project of this scale and size. Being an Assisted Living organization, staff numbers are limited, so coordinating training sessions without interrupting service to our residents proved to be the most challenging for us. However, with training modules, end-user training sessions for each area of the business, and with the help of super users, we were able to quickly onboard our team.

Seeing real-time results with PointClickCare.

The impact on our residents’ care has been significant since we implemented PointClickCare. We are seeing a reduction in discharges, for things like UTIs and upper respiratory infections. Our clinical documentation is much more streamlined today. Our care providers have gained better insight into the different areas of each resident’s record because now they are able to see a snapshot of the resident’s care in real-time. This enables them to intervene and communicate more effectively as a result.

Over the past six months we have decreased our hospitalization length of stay by 2O days, simply because we have the ability to monitor our residents’ needs and services directly in PointClickCare.

Today, our organization is providing a better quality of care because of PointClickCare. We no longer reply on paper processes and we spend less time dealing with documentation and auditing. Instead, our time is spent with our residents, ensuring we are providing the best care and support to each of them.

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