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PointClickCare’s Home Health Care Platform is the most balanced, compliant and accurate software that I have used.

Marvin Javellana
Chief Executive Officer
Better Care Home Health

PointClickCare’s Home Health Care Platform is the most balanced, compliant and accurate software that I have used. Efficiency is everything, and PointClickCare does an excellent job of creating efficiencies across the care continuum.

My name is Marvin Javellana and I’m the CEO for Better Care Home Health. I have worked in the home health care industry for 14 years, and prior to that I built and sold a successful technology company. My partner is a nurse and inspired me to look into healthcare. So, I invested my time into learning everything I could about home health. It became my passion and still is today. In my role as CEO, I look far beyond today and tomorrow. I make sure we are positioned for growth. It is my responsibility to be innovative and strategic. 

I have always been interested in software solutions that improve efficiencies and are adaptable and innovative. I wanted a technology that had the ability to adapt to changes, improve efficiencies and was easy to use, especially for my clinicians. I was excited to learn that PointClickCare had a home health care platform, since they have such a great reputation in the skilled nursing industry. PointClickCare bridges the gap between inpatient and home base care. 

I was impressed that PointClickCare had a Mobile Enterprise Partnership with Apple to streamline the Care at Home Clinical App, making it easy to use. The implementation process was organized, professional and smooth. My experience with PointClickCare has been nothing short of outstanding.

PointClickCare’s Home Health Care Platform Helps Your Organization:

  • Improve your financial health.
  • Attract and retain the best staff.
  • Ensure quality and compliance.
  • Improve efficiencies across the continuum of care.

Improving Financial Health

It is very important to be efficient in order to shorten your revenue cycle. Reimbursements are being cut, and we are told to do more compliance work. Home health care agencies can no longer be top heavy and still make a profit. PointClickCare creates efficiencies across the continuum of care, as the patient moves from the facility to their home. The revenue cycle always starts from intake, and my focus is to ensure that the intake process is as efficient and accurate as possible. PointClickCare allows me to do that. The Home Health Care platform will help us service more patients without adding more FTEs. We are able to fix claims quickly so we can resubmit for approval. Without these notifications, we wouldn’t know that our claims have missing information or issues, which increases our revenue cycle and leads to cash flow issues. 

Enhance the Clinician Experience

Our biggest problem on the clinician side is the timely submission of notes. PointClickCare’s Care at Home Clinical mobile app is a game changer and a great solution for documentation. It allows us to complete documentation at the point of care, which is critical for accuracy, quality care and outcomes. It discourages clinicians from documenting in the evening, the following day or later in the week. The faster we get patients’ notes documented, the faster we can bill. PointClickCare’s Care at Home Clinical mobile app allows me to do that. Additionally, through the PointClickCare and Forcura partnership, we have the ability to lessen the number of FTEs with improved efficiencies to my order management processes.

Cross Continuum Care

With PointClickCare’s Home Health Care platform, we can ensure that the transfer of data between SNFs and Home Health is seamless. If a patient is coming out of a SNF, our intake team simply sends a request and immediately receives the information they need to do an assessment. 

Our clinicians are able to spend less time gathering information during transitions of care and eliminate errors from manual entry. Using PointClickCare’s solution, clinicians can accept the patient’s Continuity of Care Document (CCD) into the chart from any provider in the PointClickCare network. This allows patient demographics, allergies, diagnoses and medications to be easily accessible before, during and after care, improving patient care and efficiency for our staff.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

The PointClickCare Home Health Care platform is the most balanced, compliant and accurate software that I have used. Compliance and ease of use require balance. On the clinical side, this software provides hard stops and alerts that makes us think twice about the re-evaluation and clinicians’ answers. A lot of software systems don’t provide the stops and alerts needed to achieve compliance.

Home health care organizations are continually faced with changing regulations such as PDGM, and the burden they place on staff, processes and reimbursements. PointClickCare’s Home Health Care platform is designed to significantly reduce the time required to document care, while also maintaining compliance and ensuring the highest quality care.