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Josephine at Home

"PointClickCare has been the backbone of our digital transformation. Without PointClickCare, we would have been lost under PDGM. Having an EHR that is so robust has been very helpful."

Leslie Palmer, Administrator and Clinical Director
Josephine at Home

PointClickCare is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to teach. The workflow is intuitive and allows our clinicians and office staff to access live patient and clinician data, allowing us to adapt to speedbumps easily.”

Leslie Palmer, Administrator and Clinical Director, Josephine at Home


My name is Leslie Palmer, and I am the Administrator and Clinical Director at Josephine at Home. I started working for the organization in March 2020, to help launch their home care and home health service lines.

Implementing PointClickCare’s Home Health Platform

The Josephine Caring Community has been around for over 110 years, but our current digital transformation is the biggest shift in the organization’s history. We are modernizing our records and making the switch from paper charting to a digital EHR system, and PointClickCare has held our hand through every step of this change.

I had never used PointClickCare prior to working at Josephine at Home so I was very nervous about using a new EHR. Once I started using it, I realized how intuitive and seamless the PointClickCare software is. The entirety of the Home Health application is the foundation of our digital transformation. Not only has it made PDGM a very manageable beast, but the workflow is intuitive and provides our clinicians and office staff with access to live patient and clinician data so we can adapt to speedbumps with just a shrug. All of the automation within the PointClickCare Home Health platform has made PDGM a much easier pill to swallow.

Improving Transitions of Care

Transitions of care between our skilled nursing facility and Josephine at Home are seamless, but we also expect that transitions between outside agencies that use PointClickCare will be a similar seamless experience due to the CCD import feature. The MAR transfer is a huge win for our nurses. It’s a time saver and reduces errors that occur with manual re-entry.

Data Exchange and Interoperability 

We are currently using CRM as the primary source to slice and dice our home health data. It’s also the basis of some of our most valuable referral reports that we utilize across the organization. But our home health service line is leading the way in our modernization. We have found that talking about change is not as useful as showing how change benefits our staff and patients. Staff want to be assured that any EHR training and expectations don’t take time away from patient care and don’t burden them with more work. Our plan right now is to focus on home health, exploit all of the capabilities and then present the results to the skilled nursing and assisted living service lines so that they can see a proof of concept and then make it fit their needs.

My name is Jessica Treat and I am the Senior Marketing and Admissions Director at Josephine Caring Community, and a Future Leader 2020 Home Health award winner. I have been with Josephine for eight years, previously working as the Community Relations Director. In my new role, my goal is to help our team understand the full continuum of care that we offer, so we can help our clients no matter the type of care they require. 

Transitioning to PointClickCare

When I first started with the organization, we were using a different EMR, but its capabilities were limited and didn’t encompass what our nurses were doing. We switched to PointClickCare two years later and while there was a lot of hesitation among our staff, we quickly realized how easy it is to teach and learn.

We implemented CRM about a year ago and that has been life changing for me on the admissions side. CRM gives me the data I need when I’m communicating with hospitals, discharge planners, or our team on the home health side. Before using this application, I had to manually track our patients and where they were coming from, using separate excel reports. Now with CRM, I can print those reports right away and with much more accuracy. 

PointClickCare helps your organization:

Become a preferred provider

Improve transitions of care

Attract and retain the best staff

Ensure quality and compliance

Before PointClickCare I had to manually track patient data and records. Now with PointClickCare’s easy-to-use platform, I can print reports immediately and with much more accuracy.”

Jessica Treat, Senior Admissions and Marketing Director, Josephine Caring Community

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