Home Health Care

Be positioned for long-term success in a data and quality-driven environment.

A Home Health registered nurse speaking with an elderly client in her bedroom.

Having the right platform positions your business for long-term success in a data and quality-driven environment. Giving your care team tools that make their jobs — and lives — easier will keep them happy, engaged, and reduce the strain on you to repeatedly hire and train staff.

Home Health Care | Improve Your Financial Health

Improve Your Financial Health

Reduce revenue leakage, streamline your path to payments and support growth targets with a connected, cloud-based platform.

Home Health Care | Attract the Best Staff

Attract and Retain the Best Staff

Enable care team collaboration and streamline clinical processes. Give your staff the confidence they need to make the right decisions every time.

Ensure Quality and Compliance

Adopt evidence-based protocols and best practice workflows to support consistent, comprehensive, and compliant documentation.

Home Health Care | Become a Preferred Provider

Provide the Best Client Experience

Make face-to-face encounters more productive by providing your care staff with the right information at the right time.

A home health care Administrator and CFO meeting in an office setting

Become a Preferred Provider in Your Network

Reduce hospital admissions and improve your network status by leveraging the insights you need to prove your outcomes.

PDGM Image of a business woman on a tablet device

Become a Master of PDGM

Our industry experts have defined the 3 Major Steps you need to take that will help you master PDGM.

Featured Product

Manage your Home Health Care workflow with an uncomplicated web-based and mobile digital solution that thinks and works like you.

  • Online or offline point-of-care documentation
  • End-to-end revenue cycle management
  • Instant Electronic Visit Validation (EVV)
PointClickCare home health care software on a desktop and tablet device

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