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Harmony is available in two editions based on your organization’s goals and needs for care transitions, patient monitoring and network performance management.

Plus package

Proactively manage patients and post-acute network performance

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Advanced package

All of PLUS, with advanced features for building and optimizing your post-acute network

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Compare Editions and Top Features

Comparision chart for Harmony Packages
Plus Advanced
Improve Care Transitions from Acute to Post-acute Facilities
Know where your patients are and reduce readmissions in first 72 hours.
Send patient data to any LTPAC care setting prior to patient arrival yes yes
Make clinical info from LTPAC stay available to ER before a patient is readmitted yes yes
Automatically add clinical orders to LTPAC EMR to reduce errors and save time yes yes
Receive patient and clinical updates on any care tranisition after hospital discharge yes yes
Two-way clinical data sharing (CCD) yes yes
Patient data & clinical info added to EMR yes yes
Patient transition monitoring (demographics, location, and COVID-19/infection status) yes yes
Proactively Manage Patients
Know how patients are doing and when to take action during an incident. Improve outcomes in first 30 days.
Access detailed patient charts and real-time patient data yes yes
Monitor daily living status & rehabilitation progress yes yes
Track changes in patient risk during LTPAC stay yes yes
Identify patients with infections and assess risk of readmission yes yes
Measure and manage return to community timeframes yes yes
Real-time notifications on patient status (pains, falls, observations) no yes
Real-time alerts for sepsis and lab abnormalities no yes
Real-time patient updates to hospital EMR or BI systems no yes
Optimize Post-acute Network
Monitor & measure facility performance and understand how it is trending over time. Engage in data-driven performance conversations.
Network performance scorecard (incl. readmissions, length of stay, and more) yes yes
Track outbreaks (including COVID-19) at a facility level yes yes
Allow LTPAC partners to see their performance within the PPN yes yes
Analyze patient groups by payer, ACO, physician, diagnosis yes yes
Customized reporting & analysis no yes
Population health and bundles analysis no yes

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