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The Value of Going Paperless

Join us on June 7th at 2:00 PM ET for a live webinar to find out how going paperless eliminates the inconsistencies or errors associated with paper-based recording while streamlining admission, discharge, and routine document management.

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Monthly Senior Living Demo Webinar

PointClickCare for Senior Living

Join us Tuesday, May 30, at 2:00 pm ET, for an introduction to PointClickCare, where you'll learn how our platform can provide you with the ability to expand your personalized services, strengthen your market value and enhance financial and operational performance.

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On-Demand Webinars

Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP)

Join PointClickCare and Richter Healthcare Consultants to learn how you can ensure your facility is compliant with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) requirements on the Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP), as outlined in the SNF Mega Rule.

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Incorporating Non-Pharmacological Interventions

Delivering quality care and managing the health of your residents takes a variety of tactics and team members. To learn more on identifying opportunities where resident centered, non-pharmacological interventions can be included in the residents’ plan of care

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Success Through Technology, The Welcov Healthcare Story

Join Heidi Elliott, VP of Operations for Welcov Healthcare’s Assisted Living division, and our own Travis Palmquist, VP & General Manager for PointClickCare’s Senior Living team to hear how Welcov’s Assisted Living team has achieved a revenue increase of 12% annually using technology to improve service delivery.

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Managing Medications to Prevent Tags at F329

According to CASPER in March 2016, 21.6% of all facilities were cited for an F329 deficiency on their last survey, placing it at number 6 overall for most citations. Join Shawn Brockman, Director of Strategic Planning at PointClickCare as he takes you through what you need to know to reduce the risk and prevent an F-329 deficiency citation.

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HIPAA Webinar

HIPAA – Shifting the Landscape of Senior Living

Join Dave Lingerfelt, Privacy Consultant at Integrated Health Systems as he takes us through the challenges of HIPAA compliance in senior living facilities.

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Preparing For and Preventing a Data Disaster

Is your organization at risk for a data breach?

Join PointClickCare and Propel Insurance and find out how to protect your company by making employees aware of data protection issues and enforcing Privacy and Security Polices.

See how Secure Conversations by PointClickCare can help minimize the risk by ensuring resident specific conversations are HIPAA compliant.

We’ll also cover what to do and how you should respond if your organization falls victim to a data security breach.

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How To Improve Occupancy By Leveraging Technology

Senior living providers will be expected to provide improved service delivery to attract the new consumer and maximize occupancy. But when it comes to planning and allocating budgets, are providers investing in the right features or services to attract prospective residents? Join industry expert Dana Wollschlager of Plante Moran and Travis Palmquist, VP & General Manager for PointClickCare's Senior Living team to find out.

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Disaster Recovery for Long Term Care Organizations

Disaster knows no bounds and can strike anywhere and anytime. Learning how to successfully plan for disaster or catastrophic event should never be done in hindsight. You need a solid, effective plan in place to protect your business and be ready to continue the care of residents.

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Managing Your Rehospitalization Data with eINTERACT

Reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and streamline your INTERACT® process by integrating it with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform.

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Show Me The Money! Key Strategies for Senior Care Businesses

By implementing a few key strategies and using the right tools, we’ll show you just how easy it is to keep your costs low, improve the efficiency of your operation, and simultaneously maximize your reimbursement rate.

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Mobile Caregiving: Is It Right For Your Organization?

There are many benefits of using mobile devices in caregiving, including engaging residents in their care and motivating and engaging staff. Join Intel Corp. to learn more from an actual case study.

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Building Value through the 7 Stages of EHR Adoption

In this webinar, we will explain how moving through EHR implementation, in a stepwise approach - building on capabilities to maximize the ROI, will make the most of your EHR, your resources and improve your operational efficiencies.

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Readmissions and Partnerships

Implementing proven strategies, such as INTERACT®, can help facilities reduce re-hospitalization and stand out as a preferred care partner by capturing and communicating the right information at the right time.

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Mitigating the Risks of Medication Management

Mitigating the Risks of Medication Management

Watch this webinar to learn why resident demographic changes within senior living organizations is forcing the industry to evolve to meet their needs. The transition from a social model with a health conscience to a health model with a social conscience increases the need for a community to get involved in managing their residents’ health, including management of their medication needs.

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How To Retain Talent In A Multi-Generational Workplace

Multiple generations have always co-existed in the workplace, but now, with baby boomers working past retirement age and tech-savvy millennials continuing to graduate and enter the workforce, differences in values, communication styles, and work habits are becoming increasingly pronounced. So how do you keep your current employees as long as possible, while still attracting new talent?

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Simplified Strategies for Payroll-Based Journal & Five-Star Quality Rating

Join us for a comprehensive review of the 2016 changes to Five-Star and a deeper dive into PBJ, focusing on tips and tools to help you identify opportunities to manage and improve your star rating.

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Improving Quality through Technology

Join us to understand why technology is now more important than ever and how you can use it to improve the quality of care you provide to your residents.

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Audits, ADRs & Documentation

Audits, ADRs & Documentation

It’s essential that providers have a process to monitor compliance, review clinical documentation, and track claim issues. This session offers a roadmap to manage that process.

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True Stories of Electronic Health Record Adoption

Join Lynne Katzmann and David Tompkins, who will share the successes (and some of the challenges) their communities have experienced since implementing an integrated EHR platform.

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Payroll-Based Journal Reporting

Effective July 1, 2016, CMS is mandating skilled nursing facilities report all direct care hours - including agency, contractor hours, and physicians along with census information. Learn how to adapt to these new requirements.

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9 Areas Of Your Business That Will Excel With An EHR

Watch this 30-minute recorded session, where we review some of the key benefits of using an EHR for senior living communities.

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Beth DeLaHunt

ePrescribing: How to Prepare for the Transition

The New York State Assembly passed legislation mandating ePrescribing for the whole state effective March 2016. Is your facility ready? Learn how to ensure a smooth transition with this thought-provoking webinar.

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MDS: Understanding Minimum Data Set and How it Maximizes Reimbursement

MDS management doesn’t have to be confusing. Get a better understanding of it, in under an hour, with this in-depth webinar from an MDS expert.

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5 Ways Electronic Wound Management Can Improve Your Senior Care Business

Join John Vrba, CEO of Burgess Square Healthcare Center, along with Wound Nurses Michelle Balduff and Gia Fite, as they take you through what outcomes their 200-bed facility experienced from leveraging technology for wound management and an Electronic Health Record.

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How to Keep Hospitals Happy: The Relationship Guide

Hear from PointClickCare experts as they discuss challenges hospitals face when transferring patients to post-acute facilities. Learn how your organization can stay ahead of the game and protect your referral sources.

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How To Build a Comprehensive Quality Program

Are you data-rich but outcomes poor? Take a closer look at your program’s defined elements to optimize care to your residents.

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improve senior nutrition

How to Improve Your Senior Nutrition Programs

In this quick recorded webinar, Joanne Brigham of PointClickCare discusses the impact of Nutrition Management in Assisted Living communities, and how you can leverage best practices and new technologies to improve the dining experience for your residents, while mitigating risk.

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PointClickCare: 4 Tips to Shorten Your Revenue Cycle

Dollars & Sense – 4 Tips to Shorten Your Revenue Cycle

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the most common mistakes that organizations make in billing and explore ways to steer clear of them.

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Jayne Warwick, Solutions Specialist, PointClickCare

Simplified MDS Management – MDS Rocket Science Demystified

Join in the recorded webinar as we discuss common challenges that providers face when managing complex RUG score calculations. Learn how your organization can use the right tools and tactics to master MDS management and ensure your organization gets paid fully for the services provided.

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Improve Quality Outcomes with Constant Care Technology

See firsthand how this medical device interface improves quality outcomes with accurate and immediate transmission of vitals and weights to the resident’s record directly from the bedside.

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White Papers

Top 10 Reasons to Implement Document Manager

Improve organizational efficiency before, during, and after the move-in or admission process by leveraging PointClickCare’s Document Manager.

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Incorporating INTERACT into your facility: Aligning players and processes

Aligning the proper people and processes is essential to the successful adoption of INTERACT at your organization. This eBook highlights the five keys to successful implementation of INTERACT.

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Securing and Validating the Electronic Medical Record Using PointClickCare’s EHR Platform

EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information readily and securely available to authorized users.
This white paper provides an overview of the key security and validation features of PointClickCare’s EHR platform that relate to the production of medical records.

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Reduce Medication Errors

Using PointClickCare’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Reduce Risk of Medication Errors

On average, 85% of residents require assistance with the management of their medication. Decreasing medication management errors will enable you to decrease resident risk, thereby increasing resident safety and satisfaction.

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Using PointClickCare’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Improve Operational Efficiency

Using PointClickCare’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Improve Operational Efficiency

How do you easily and efficiently manage all aspects of your residents’ care, while still maintaining efficiency with your business operations? PointClickCare’s EHR platform could be the solution you need.

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The Case For an EHR

The Case for an EHR

This piece is designed to help you better understand the pros and cons of implementing an EHR, and the value it will bring to your organization.

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Skin & Wound Infographic

Skin and wound care can be a major pain for skilled nursing facilities. We created an infographic that explains how technology can ease that pain.

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How to Reach Maximum Occupancy by Leveraging Technology

When it comes to driving maximum occupancy in your community, you need to invest in the features and services that attract today’s consumer. While installing a new lobby water feature may be visually appealing, it doesn’t deliver a significant return on investment.

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Home and Community-based Services

PointClickCare’s Home & Community-based Care solution was designed with client care services in mind.

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Senior Living Occupancy Infographic

The challenge of maintaining high resident occupancy is universal. It’s the way in which providers address that challenge that separates the winners from everyone else.

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Document Manager (Canada)

PointClickCare’s Document Manager helps create, personalize and update admission, discharge and routine documentation with the click of a button, at the state, region, or line of business for long term care organizations.

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Document Manager

PointClickCare’s Document Manager helps create, personalize and update admission, discharge and routine documentation with the click of a button, at the state, region, or line of business for long term care organizations.

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PointClickCare Customer Relationship Management (Canada)

PointClickCare Customer Relationship Management provides senior living providers with an easy-to-use tool to help track inquiries and referrals; gain real-time visibility into availability and occupancy; and decrease the transition time from prospect to resident.

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PointClickCare Analytics offers comprehensive, flexible reporting capabilities for Quality-of-Care key performance indicators that address the need for market-oriented, real-time data to effect improved outcomes.

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SmartPath front page

SmartPath Services

PointClickCare’s SmartPath provides a comprehensive implementation and online training program, helping you get the best from your EHR investment.

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PointClickCare Solution Sheet for Practitioner Engagement

Practitioner Engagement

PointClickCare addresses the challenges facing long-term care practitioners with an innovative mobile app.

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PointClickCare Solution Sheet for Point of Care

Point of Care (POC)

The Point of Care user interface is easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to use, whether you are an expert or novice in web-based technology.

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Secure Conversations™ for U.S.

Facilitate communication without compromising the protection of personal health information or compliance regulations.

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Secure Conversations™ for Canada

Facilitate communication without compromising the protection of personal health information or compliance regulations.

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Resident Event Calendar

Simplify scheduling, managing and sharing resident activities.

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PointClickCare Pro-Tracking Solution Sheet


Improve quality of care, regulatory compliance, and reimbursement processes while decreasing unnecessary risk with real-time MDS verification.

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MDS Analytics

Improve quality of care, regulatory compliance and reimbursement efficiency with instant feedback on MDS data integrity.

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Third Party Vendor Integrations

Enhance organizational efficiency with a wide range of third party vendor integration to the PointClickCare platform.

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Integrated Medication Management

Increase efficiency and reduce risk through comprehensive, integrated medication management.

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Integrated Lab Results

Improve clinical decision-making through real-time reviews of electronic laboratory results.

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Integrated Direct Messaging

Improve care transitions through secure electronic communication of resident-related health information.

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Customer Relationship Management

Improve facility occupancy and case mix for a stronger bottom line.

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Identity & Access Management

Simplify user account administration access systems to save time and money.

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions with eInteract.pdf

Hospital Readmissions with eINTERACT™

Reduce readmissions and emergency room visits with better clinical decisions support in senior care residences.

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General Ledger & Accounts Payable

Improve efficiency and reduce costs with financial management functionality designed specifically for senior care providers.

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Eligibility Verification

Reduce financial risk using real-time insurance eligibility verification.

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Data Relay

Improve operational analysis with regular data feeds from PointClickCare Data Relay.

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Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) solution sheet PDF

eMAR for Skilled Nursing

Simplify medication ordering and administration with our secure and easy-to-use mobile eMAR.

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Tray Card

Enhances meal service efficiency and resident satisfaction with automated nutrition management.

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Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) solution sheet PDF

eMAR for Senior Living

Simplify medication ordering and administration for your Senior Living organization with our secure and easy-to-use mobile eMAR.

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