Webinar Series: The Three Stages of Implementing Mobile Technology

The Three Stages of Implementing Mobile Technology

Application, Infrastructure, and Mobility (AIM) represents the three pillars needed for mobile technology implementation. Presented in partnership with Pioneer Solution and CareWorx, AIM For Outcomes is a program designed to help LTPAC facilities better understand the requirements for success and learn best practices related to POC device selection, hardware integration, application utilization, and mobility.

Part 1: Getting Clear

Get a clear understanding of how to outline your POC goals, readiness, and implementation action plan.

Learning Objectives:
– How to establish a baseline of knowledge and define your goals.
– Best practices for evaluating your organizational readiness.
– How to identify the support you’ll need to start the process.

Speaker: Ian Gelenter, Vice President, Healthcare, Pioneer Solution Inc.



   The LTPAC Professional’s Guide to POC Device Selection

By watching the first webinar, you will receive a complimentary copy of the ultimate guide for device selection. Included are the industry’s best practices and the most up to date information available to assist you in your project, as well as enable you to make educated decisions that will ensure a successful outcome.

Part 2: Getting Smart

The second part of the series focuses on identifying the device options available to you and how to choose the hardware best-suited to your organization.


Part 3: Getting Started

The third part of the series will focuses on the framework to get started implementing POC technology today.

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