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Succeed in an ever-changing environment.

PointClickCare Home Care is designed to meet the needs of an increasingly complex clinical and regulatory home care market. Greater insight into performance, mobile and streamlined workflows, and full access by staff empowers agencies to make informed decisions and improve care planning. This allows agencies to provide the best client experience and drive loyalty with clients, families and referral partners, all while boosting the bottom line.

A single integrated platform, across the continuum of care.

As providers diversify their care offerings, managing clients with varying acuity levels can be a challenge. With PointClickCare, you have access to an intuitive solution that enables you to adapt as the market and your business needs evolve. Our integrated platform, allows you to maintain a single record for your clients as their acuity levels change. This ensures you maintain compliance, no matter the care being provided.


Home Care Webinar
Driving Financial Success Through Best Practice Clinical Management

Managing your clinical operations is paramount to the success of your Home Care agency. Learn how clinical management can improve financial performance.


Our mobile solution for your mobile workforce.

PointClickCare’s At Home mobile app was designed to help agencies connect, engage, and support their mobile staff. Real-time access to patient schedules, orders, assessments, and more empowers your care team to provide the best quality of care at home. Designed for urban and rural accessibility, the At Home app works with or without an internet connection, so your staff can focus on what’s important — engaging with, and caring for clients.

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