Care at Home Mobile App

Care at Home Mobile App

Improve your operations with our intelligent, efficient and easy-to-use Care at Home mobile app. Happier staff, healthier business.

Meet Leah, a home-care nurse, mother, and wife. Follow her through a typical workday to see how our Care at Home application helps her save time, manage her calendar, and work from virtually anywhere.

Efficiency is (almost) everything

What if your care staff had access to complete care records at the point of care? They could make clinically sound decisions faster. What if they had access to the complete Medispan diagnosis library even without wifi? They could care more confidently. What if they could submit their documentation within minutes of a visit? You could bill faster.

Complete and compliant records are essential

What if you had a system that wouldn’t allow an appointment to be marked as complete if any required information was missing? Your records would be consistent and compliant every time. What if EVV was built-in, out-of-the-gate and captured everything you needed? You could bill confidently and reduce your DSO.

Scalability and profitability without sacrificing quality

If your care staff had more information, they could provide better care. Patient outcomes would improve. Staff confidence would improve. Network relationships would improve. Your census would improve. Your bottom line would improve. But most importantly, the lives of your patients would improve.


“The PointClickCare product will make your business run more smoothly and it will be a better operation moving forward.”

Greg Von Arx, CEO, Recover Health Inc.

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We’ve also got Remote Care solutions to keep you connected with your patients wherever they are.

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