Reducing Unnecessary Hospital Readmissions

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This page will help you learn more about PointClickCare’s eINTERACT solution, including details on the implementation process, and access to training webinars.

Healthcare reform efforts targeted at reducing hospital readmissions are underway.

Senior care providers need the process, the people, and the know-how to prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions and to set the groundwork for safe, consistent transitions.

eINTERACT™. The first, best option for quality senior care.

eINTERACT is the industry’s first initiative designed to bring the proven methodology of INTERACT quality improvement program to an EHR platform, and has been developed in partnership with Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Research has shown that the use of INTERACT programs can successfully reduce acute care transfers. Incorporating eINTERACT into the PointClickCare platform provides additional opportunities to impact the reduction of readmission rates – by ensuring everyone on your team has the right information, at the right time.

Webinars On Demand

Managing Your Rehospitalization Data


Reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and streamline your INTERACT® process by integrating it with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform.

Readmissions and Partnerships


Implementing proven strategies, such as INTERACT®, can help facilities reduce re-hospitalization and stand out as a preferred care partner by capturing and communicating the right information at the right time.

Want to Learn More About Implementation?

There are three implementation options to assist you with using eINTERACT tools in PointClickCare:

1. Self-Directed | Train at your own pace with full training materials*
•Setup Guide with embedded videos.
•User Guide with embedded videos.
•Group Sessions: eINTERACT | Making the Connections (register below)
*Must be completed by October 31, 2017.

2. SmartPath | Subscribed customers can access SmartZone courses, training materials and attend above group sessions.

3. Traditional ($) | 1:1 training session with implementation specialist and access to training materials and above group sessions.

For more information on pricing, related to any of these options, please fill out the form below.

eINTERACT Training Guides

If eINTERACT is in your plan, check out our eLearning links below:

The following guides contain important information on how to best setup the eINTERACT solution for your team, as well as how to use each of the features it includes. Each guide also contains embedded videos to help you through the process.

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