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Looking Both Ways: Satisfying Residents and Care Partners

Five Star Senior Living President Bruce Mackey on how an EHR can help your organization join an Accountable Care Organization.

How to Reach Serious ROI with Improved Service Delivery

While a number of healthcare providers have been slow to adopt an EHR, the ones who have are seeing fantastic results.

Helping Physicians and Practitioners Go Mobile at AMDA

Find out how outfitting physicians and practitioners with mobile solutions helps them administer and document care more effectively.

Occupancy: How to Go From Good to Great

When it comes to planning and allocating budgets, are providers investing in the right features or services to attract prospective residents?

The Case for Data in Senior Care

Skilled nursing data is only as good as a provider’s means of analyzing it. Find out how you can better manage your data to guarantee a better outcome.

Using Smartphones to Improve Wound Care

Find out how a new app can help your facility manage skin and wound care more conveniently and accurately.

Distant Cousins or Siblings? What Senior Living Providers Have in Common with SNFs

Senior living providers, now more than ever, need to have a system that allows them to track the care they’re providing to residents, accurately and in real-time.

5 Ways Senior Living Can Be More Like Starbucks

Turn your facility into a senior-living powerhouse by emulating these five Starbucks practices.