Welcov Healthcare Success Story

How Welcov Healthcare Found Success with EHR Technology

About Welcov Healthcare

Welcov Healthcare has 18 residences within its Assisted Living division with a total of 516 suites. Its Assisted Living residences are spread across seven states including, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, and Minnesota.

Welcov Healthcare began its journey with PointClickCare in late 2015. They implemented PointClickCare’s platform across all of their Assisted Living residences with a goal of reevaluating their pricing and services bundling in an effort to gain better insight into the needs of their current and incoming residents.

Return on Investment

  • Revenue increase of 12% annually, representing $749,829 for Welcov’s Assisted Living division.
  • Anywhere, anytime access for all team members across Welcov’s Assisted Living division.
  • An improvement in forecasting for the operations team, as service levels are now tied directly to resident acuity.

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Hear From Welcov Employees

Improved revenue.

“One thing we measured when we introduced our new pricing model was the impact on revenue as an organization. The end result for us was a revenue increase of 12% annually for our Assisted Living division.”

Heidi Elliott, VP of Operations, Assisted Living


Enhanced Communication.

“With PointClickCare, we are all on the same page and talking the same language. We can easily run reports and can compare trends across all of our buildings.”

Rebecca Wolf, Executive Director


Anywhere, anytime access.

“Since we’ve added PointClickCare, we now have the ability to jump on to the system from anywhere, at any time, and provide full support to any community across the division when needed.”

Cal Lout, Director of Clinical Services


Better quality of care and services.

“PointClickCare has really helped us to address some of the clinical needs that are in our buildings, and I feel there has been a direct correlation between the care we are giving to the quality scores we are receiving on a daily basis.”

Heidi Elliott, VP of Operations, Assisted Living


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Hear how Welcov’s Assisted Living team has achieved a revenue increase of 12% annually using technology to improve service delivery.

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