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Meet the Human Resources Team

Are you a people person who wants to work in a people-centric environment that thrives on supporting others? If so, check out our Human Resources team and hear from real team members on why they choose PointClickCare.

Putting the “human” back in Human Resources

PointClickCare’s Human Resources Team works in partnership across all levels of the company to enable leaders, managers, and employees to develop and maintain a collaborative, customer-centric organizational culture known for high performance and innovation. We model the care, diversity, and accountability embedded in the values of PointClickCare.

How do you describe PointClickCare?

When we asked a few of our Human Resources employees how they would describe PointClickCare in one word, they said things like “respectful”, “diverse”, and “connected”. Diving into that a bit deeper, we asked them to expand on those words and why they believe they represent their experience working at PointClickCare.

Jonah Del Duca-Charny, Recruitment Specialist, elaborated to say that PointClickCare is “respectful to employees in the way that everything comes from a human perspective, which is really is great to be a part of.”  

Julie Souza, People Coordinator, added that not only is PointClickCare diverse, but she feels, “extremely comfortable here and the environment is extremely inclusive.” She also said that she loves how fast-paced it is at PointClickCare and how she values the opportunity to engage with other teams in the organization.

The connection that Ann Zaman, Learning Specialist, feels at PointClickCare comes from a previous feeling of being disconnected with an organization in previous jobs. “Coming from other companies and industries where you didn’t feel like you were valued or belonged, if you are looking for opportunities and an environment that will let you thrive and help you get there, it’s at PointClickCare.”

Having a positive impact on others

Our mission at PointClickCare is to provide technology that disrupts the status quo for the betterment of healthcare. As a people-centered organization, people are truly at the heart of everything we do. We want to help the world care for vulnerable populations in a real way and our employees find value in seeing their work in action helping others. As Julie says, “When you work for a company that impacts so many lives, it feels so rewarding.” Jon chimes in as well to say that “even though it sounds like a ‘company line’, the reality is that we do help millions of people.” Lastly, Ann says that “it is a blessing for me to work here, when it comes to team, growth opportunities, and what we are doing outside of PointClickCare for customers and the vulnerable populations, I feel that in itself is something that I would want anyone coming into the organization. You have so many opportunities for growth and you have teams that will support you.”

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August 2, 2023