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How Networking Drives Healthcare Innovation

The healthcare challenges that technology seeks to solve are vast.

And resolution of these challenges doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Innovation only truly occurs when we come together to leverage our distinct, diverse talents and expertise to drive change across disciplines.

By networking with colleagues in a wider business network, different perspectives can be harnessed, driving innovative thought and corresponding action.

Innovation Through Connection

As subject matter experts (SMEs) in our roles, we individually possess a vast wealth of expertise. Despite this possession, distribution of this knowledge is often mired by lack of transmission opportunities.

However, when communities with shared goals converge, the silos that dominate our experience are leveled through collaboration and conversation, resulting in novel ideas and, ultimately, shared, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Below we explore the three biggest benefits of collaborative innovation.

Broader Perspectives for Broader Thinking

Unique perspectives can not only broaden thinking, but they can also drive projects forward.

By incorporating specialist perspective, alternative approaches can be applied, yielding novel solutions to familiar challenges.  

Achievement of Mutual Goals

Shared goals harness the power of each individual’s desire and drive. When we work collaboratively toward a common goal, we use our collective knowledge to drive long-desired outcomes. By approaching mutual goals as a mutual entity, we can fluidly change direction while maintaining the same destination.  

Progressive Mindset

Nurturing the willingness and comfort to experiment with new ideas can be generated by sharing with individuals with the same goals and challenges. Working and talking collaboratively creates an environment primed for experimentation, one that encourages creativity and idea exchange.

Connecting for Innovation at CONNECT@SUMMIT

While our annual user conference has historically offered attendees an immersive experience, this year, we don’t want to just gather—we want to connect.

And we’ve tailored every experience at CONNECT@SUMMIT to underscore this desire.

From the moment attendees step foot in the Aria Hotel & Resort, they’ll encounter peer-to-peer networking and learning at every juncture. From welcome receptions to dedicated mingling spaces, attendees are guaranteed an absorptive experience that fosters collaboration.

And collaboration doesn’t stop with fellow attendees: Visit the Smart Bar for solutions to your pressing challenges and the Demo Bar to learn about the newest advancements driving healthcare innovation.

The learning continues throughout sessions designed with customer needs in mind, as well as immersive presentations from our executives and two highly sought-after General Session speakers, Dr. Ivan Joseph and Mick Ebeling.

While these opportunities offer attendees endless experiences to learn, they also offer endless experiences to connect with their peers, to great old faces and meet new, to connect to overcome the largest challenges facing care delivery today.

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July 28, 2022