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Lori Waters, Executive Director/Market Leader, California Mission Inn

Changing the Industry: Making the Move to Paperless Workflows

Making the move to paperless workflows can be daunting, but the right technology can help Senior Living communities maximize resident satisfaction and increase revenue.

Pinnacle Senior Living, an organization with 47 communities across the United States, increased their care revenue by 25% after implementing the PointClickCare Senior Living Professional Package. The organization now has full transparency into each resident’s condition and changes in their condition, which makes documenting care easier and helps to ensure they are billing correctly for services delivered.

The PointClickCare system has empowered Pinnacle Senior Living care staff to be proactive participants in residents’ care, resulting in better communication with the management teams.

“Since 2003 we used to do everything by hand, there wasn’t a lot of electronic charting. Now we can go in and document on a day-to-day basis. We’re able to go in and put all of our information in the resident’s electronic file upon move in, and then update and enhance as needed,” says Lori Water, Executive Director/Market Leader of California Mission Inn.

Switching to electronic health records has allowed Pinnacle Senior Living to:

  • Enhance resident care
  • Improve engagement between care staff and management
  • Increase revenue
  • Create better connections with residents and families
  • Improve transparency at both community and corporate levels

Need more information? Connect with us to find out how you can increase your organization’s care revenue by switching to paperless workflows.

June 20, 2019